Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet moments

It's nice at the end of a day like to day to put all the stresses behind me. The three dirty nappies before we even walked out the door this morning. Getting caught in a torrential down pour carrying two little big men, under an umbrella, from the car which had to be parked two streets away from our home because on a Friday evening it's damned near impossible to park within cooee of our place. Being in the kitchen, still cleaning up at 8.30, after a hectic day at work. Wrangling two tired wee lads into the bath, pyjamas and bed, way past their bedtime at 9 o'clock. Yet another week of barely seeing Scott, due to his ever increasing workload.

If anything, I feel remarkably calm and content. The other day I went to pay for an item at the chemist using my eftpos card and fell just short of the pesky ten dollar minimum rule. Pressed for time and not needing anything else, I quickly surveyed the counter for a little something to bump the total across the line. There they were, a packet of old school glucojel jelly beans. Long before Jelly Belly's were on the scene, these were IT. Back then, for me, chemists were ALL about the brightly coloured glucojel beans. And they were good for me, because they had glucose, which gave me energy. Of course they were. My Nana & Papa lived opposite a chemist and guaranteed, every time we visited, Nana would produce a small packet of them for me. Strangely, the black were always my favourite. Red, white and pink didn't go down too badly either. So I cracked those open this evening and did a bit of reminiscing.

Picking the boys up from day care/preschool is one of my most cherished times of the week. I love the excitement on their faces and the extra tight cuddles they give. I especially love hearing about what they've been up to during the day and reading the gorgeous day book the teachers write in, just to keep us up to date. Illustrated beautifully with small photos of the babies/kids at play. These moments warm my heart and soothe my soul. Today was extra special as they had made an invitation for their Teddy Bear's Picnic next week. Stuck to the front of Felix's invite was an itty bitty photo of him painting from earlier today. It's nothing flash or even particularly attractive, but this teddy shaped piece of paper, I will treasure forever.


  1. I love that teddy bear picture! It's always so special to get some art done by your little one, isn't it. Your heart just bursts with pride. Have a happy weekend! xx

  2. Oh, there will be so many things to treasure - but what to keep?? I have PILES of things I can't part with yet.

    And jelly beans? Awesome. And what is it about a day where everything seems to go wrong, but one is unflustered? I like those days ;) xx

  3. It's the trade off for leaving our little ones, isn't it?
    The reunion.
    I love the reunions too.
    And the conversations all the way home in the car.
    For once in our week I don't know every last thing Magoo did, so I'm intrigued.
    Yesterday he told me that some kids laughed that his lunch I had packed looked like poo (vegemite pikelets, his treat Milo dairy snack and dates in the mix - whoops). When I said, that's okay because you know it's yummy, he replied with "I told the kids my Daddy eats poo for breakfast. Ha ha ha. We were laughing at that."!!!!
    Bless em!

  4. I too am totally a fan of chemist jelly beans! I think they are a 'lost' these days in the sea of confectionary!

    Adorable wee man painting! Certainly to be treasured.

  5. That is gorgeous, i love the little photo of Felix painting! so sweet!
    Hope your having a good weekend. xx

  6. OH Bless! That is gorgeous. What a treasure. And my goodness me, after that week of yours i have no idea how you have the energy to write...what an amazing mama you are: ) Alison x

  7. I just saw the title of your post and it immediately made me think of this evening when I shared a bit of pudding with my daughter. I was sat on the floor with the bowl and she stood beside me with her arm around my neck, her wee fingers entwined in my hair as we shared apple crumble and ice cream.

    These are truly treasured moments... I might take a leaf out of your blog and share them on mine ;o)

  8. I have a treasured scrapbook filled with similar treasures as well. If my house was ever on fire I'd pick it over the laptop anyway. Loved your jellybean anecdote. Hope the week ahead it a wonderful one for you x

  9. Oh, this is so beautiful!

    My gosh, reading this post made me think, so many similarities, and yet so man differences! And this is honestly why I love blogging, there are so many Australian families out there, all with such similar, and different lives.

    I can't imagine having to park 2 streets away from my house, we just drive into the garage and enter the house via the garage.

    And yet ... Your boys will have the most amazing cultural experiences living in a busy city, while ours is a much more quiet suburban life.

    This was a fantastic post, and such an interesting read :)

    The Teddy bear picnic invitations are just beautiful! I bet you have boxes Nd boxes of thing you'll never be able to throw away :)

    Cherie xx


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