Monday, August 8, 2011

Fast Red Shoes

Angus has big feet for a three and a half year old. Each time we go along to invest in a new pair of shoes, we're told the same thing. His foot is long and wide. I've always felt quite strongly about him wearing good quality shoes. He has worn the odd pair of thongs and a couple of pairs of cheapie pre-walkers, but for day to day running around, I like comfort, strength and support for his hooves. There is something beautiful about walking into a children's shoe store. I'm a sucker for shoes in general, but the ones for tiny tots are SO sweet.

Last week we popped into Shoes & Sox for a quick look around and stumbled upon the sale table. I wasn't really in the market to buy, though I was open minded if a bargain pair, in the right size was there waiting for us. Because I've always chosen quite plain, dark coloured clodhoppers for Angus, I was slightly taken back when the sales lady emerged from the store room. Happy she had found his size on sale and carrying a funky pair of fire engine red street shoes. Clarks street shoes, no less. A far cry from the boxy chunkers I wore for school shoes as a littlie. 

So with that, we were both hooked. I loved that they were different and would go with a range of outfits and Angus loved her description of the shoes being a "fast colour". At which point she asked him to go for a test run to see just how fast they made him go. He took off out of the shop, into the main centre and back again. Now every time he puts them on, he thinks he's lightening McQueen and bolts away to show me just how fast he can fly in his new red shoes. 

The tricky part about fast red shoes is they are hard to photograph... because they're always moving! So I managed to snap a shot of one dangling down while Angus was sitting at the table painting.


  1. We often joke to this day..with my grown up sons..about fast red shoes, as my 33 was convinced as a tiny tot that red shoes made him run fast too and each kid thereafter believed the same! I can tell from your picture that they are very fast red shoes too.

  2. very cute! im sure they will go very fast! x

  3. Love these! Unlike me, my daughter appears to be developing into a girly-girl...she loves all manner of jewellery, clothes, baby dolls She will sit contentedly for ages trying to put different shoes on. She's only 15 months! But it's great if I need 5 mins for a cheeky cuppa :o)

  4. That is so sweet - putting a little magic into everyday things is so important - my 3 1/2 year old currently thinks her eyecover thing from our emirates flight is magical and helps her go to sleep. I'm a little nervous that it may go missing - I need to try to track down another one (it's yellow with sleeping eyes so not an easy one to replace!!!) We're off to buy some new 'kindy shoes' this morning - hope we find some bright red ones like that - fab!

  5. Brilliant. My most favourite shoes are a pair of red Campers I bought in London and they walked with me all over Europe. Love red shoes! gxo

  6. Oh, they're very fast and very cool. And how wonderful that they were on special! Win-Win!

    My boys both have terribly flat feet so they can wear only Clark's shoes with orthodics inside. And we have the same shoes in navy blue/white and green/brown! (They've even lasted long enough for the second child!)

    I hope you can keep up with Angus with those shoes on!



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