Monday, August 29, 2011

Backyard Beauty

Our yard needs some TLC. A makeover. An overhaul. It has potential, because it's pretty, in a secret garden kinda way. But it's overgrown and not well set out to maximise the space that is there. One thing it does hold, is a brilliant star jasmine, which runs wild throughout the yard. It captivated me from the moment we moved in (almost 2 years ago) and I remember eagerly awaiting the first bloom last year around this time. Except it took longer to flourish than the year before and I have a feeling it may take it's time in popping this year also.

For a week or so, I have been searching through the glossy green leaves with a fine tooth comb, for any sign of bud. At this stage, nada. Not a one. I'm starting to think maybe if I showed a little more of that TLC towards the garden throughout the year, then it might feel more inclined to deliver the good stuff in abundance come Spring. Just as it did the year we moved in. Then I have to remind myself of the sweet, elderly couple who lived here before us. Evidently knew a thing or two about plants and gardening. They would no doubt freak out at the state of the star jasmine these days. But it's not Spring for another couple of days, so there is still time for the vine to burst forth with blossoms. I'll be checking either way.

Something lovely I did come across while searching for jasmine buds, was this fluffy cutie. Generously deposited around our backyard by the towering gums to the back of our property. Ah, those pesky gums.  So many things I love and so many things I don't love about them. But having clusters of these little guys draped everywhere is quite rustic and nice and homely. Looks like I have some accidental backyard beauty after all.


  1. Oh wow!

    This is so pretty!

    Makes me want our backyard to come to fruition :)

  2. Those buds are rather pretty. I remember the amount of time my grandparents would devote to their's why it was immaculate. Like everything else in life, gardening takes will get there eventually Julie.


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