Sunday, May 15, 2011

We like to party

One of the perks of growing up in a large family, are the get togethers. Be it birthdays, Christmas, engagements, weddings or just because, celebrating as a family... in this family of mine... is fun. We enjoy a good tipple and love an opportunity for a dance. So really, any excuse for a party!

Saturday night we celebrated yet another 21st Birthday, for one of my darling nieces. I'm kind of getting into the swing of these 21st's. They're like reliving my early twenties all over and I dig that... even if just for a night. She chose to go with a themed event, requesting guests to come dressed as anything starting with the letters L, M or J. Her initials. Rather cool concept. And there were some rather cool costumes also. To name but a few of them: 

Michael Jackson (my brother) 
Molly Meldrum (another brother)
Mafia boss (yet another brother)
Jesus, complete with life sized cross... very bizarre
Ladybird (my beautiful niece)
Minnie Mouse x 4... we even had a pregnant Minnie, my nephew's lovely wife! 
Leprechaun (another gorgeous 21 year old)
Marilyn Monroe x 2... a treat for the gentleman folk
A Madame (my cheeky sister-in-law)
Lawyer... Scott choosing the easy option of just putting on a suit
aaaaand... Military Mama... aka yours truly! 

The birthday girl donned a smoking hot, Lowenbrau inspired, beer Maid's outfit... along with plenty of other jaw droppingly spunky Maids scattered amongst the crowd, in their skimpy costumes on a chilly night. They just don't seem to feel the cold. But my word, those 21 year olds sure know how to party. And as we were sans kiddies for the evening, we dusted off our party shoes and happily joined them!

So difficult to get a shot of the entire family... we managed a fair chunk of them in this one... I LOVE each and every one of this motley crew!

My 'baby' 16 and 17 year old nieces

Happy 21st beautiful Lauren!


  1. Wow - looks like you all had a heap of fun! Fabulous costumes!!

  2. Love the sound of your family! And it's great you seem so close and 'into' each other. The one regret I don't have after my mum's stroke was the fact we 'did time' together - all those times we celebrated, partied, holidayed, or just sat and had a cuppa with a choccy bun are what makes the world go round. You also have a very good lookng family!

  3. How nice to have such a big family like that.
    Oh to be 21 again and have legs that are actually worthy of showing off ;-)


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