Friday, May 6, 2011

Appreciating Mama

This week, I have found myself thinking about my Mama frequently. This is not unusual. We talk on the phone regularly. SMS every other day. Then catch up in person, at least once a week. But more so, I have been reflecting on how tough her life must have been raising a family the size of hers. I know why I find myself in this frame of mind. The boys and I have been running a tag team of sickness for over a week now. The only one escaping the full brunt of the germ, being Scott. Possibly because he flees the house early for work and returns at the very close of the day. His saving grace, maybe. Since becoming a Mama, whenever I fall ill, I'm instantly plagued with a feeling of panic. How am I going to get through the day? What will I do about all the things that won't stand still for a few days... just because I want to? How am I going to cope with 2 little boys, when I can barely lift my head off the pillow?

It is times like this, when I think of my Mama, at my age, with 5 little boys. A husband who worked for himself, married to the business, 24/7. A business of which she also played a very active and important role in, though granted, behind the scenes. A kind, caring, devoted Mama and wife. Just what did she do when she was down for the count? Well, I know what she did. I was there. I witnessed the rare occasions when she was crook. She kept. on. going. Even when she should have been in bed, feet up, someone looking after her. Always such strength and positivity, even when she had nothing left to give. 

It is consistently tough being a Mama, but never more so than when you're not physically charged to meet it head on.
So this weekend, along with some pretty PJ's and gorgeous blooms, I'll be giving my Mama an extra special cuddle. For all the times she got out of bed, to cook, clean, support and nurture my brothers and I. Even when it would have been the last thing she felt like doing. For dedicating every piece of her life from the age of 19 onwards, to building a happy, stable home. And whilst there's not a day goes by when I don't appreciate her for everything she's been to me anyway. It is never more prominent in my mind, than when I'm a sick Mama of 2 boys. A fine reminder, right on cue, for Mother's Day.

My parents in 1965... 4 boys in 6 years. 

Mama and I in 2010.


  1. Just look at the way your dad is gazing at your mum... a gorgeous photo... gxo

  2. What an amazing mum you have. I have one as well. I'm still racking my brains for something I can give her that tells her how wonderful and brave I think she is.

  3. OH those boys, check your brothers, they're amazing, outfits & 60s styling. Mothers are fantastic, have an amazing Mother's Day yourself. Love Posie


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