Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kindness of strangers

It's nice having one of those days, when everyone I meet is a friendly soul. Restores my faith in humanity, to some extent. Today, Felix and I caught the bus into the city, to meet up with my Mama for lunch. Whenever we're on the bus, I'm always rather nervous of him having a total meltdown. I'm particularly conscious of my boys disrupting the public in general, let alone within a confined space, like a bus. Maybe more paranoid, than conscious. I am also fully aware that not everyone warms to children and there is nothing quite like a cold stare, from a cranky stranger. 

But today, the bus rides inward and outward bound were most enjoyable. Thanks to the lovely ladies who sat behind us. Each of them chatted, smiled, played and kept Felix entertained for the duration of our trip. One of his latest things is to scrunch his little face up and squint his eyes, as if to say "I realise you're looking at me and I know, is it possible to be any more adorable... really?" I have watched him melt the hearts of many a lady with this very expression. He IS a charmer, that's for certain. A ladies man at the age of 10 months. He's doing well.

My baby will be 1 in less than 2 months. The 10 month mark came and went in a haze of sickness and sleepless nights. He has taken off in the last couple of weeks. No longer opting for the commando style crawling, but the proper crawl, on all fours. He stands for a few seconds unassisted and surfs every piece of furniture he can put a hand to. He lights up our lives with his irresistible smile and even with a grubby face, he cannot take a bad photo. 10 months is a delightful age indeed.


  1. It is such a delightful age! Doesn't the time fly by too quickly? and what a gorgeous little man you have there, i'm not surprised he charmed those women on the bus! x

  2. It really is the loveliest age isn't it. Soak it up as it just goes by so quickly :-(
    He'll be a back chatting toddler before you know it.
    Gorgeous boy xx

  3. Who couldn't resist that smile? Oh, I could eat him!

    It's funny, I was reading another post about a mum who was getting glares because of her children's behaviour. Just goes to show there are ALL types in this world.

    Mind you, Felix is incredibly cute! xx

  4. It's such a great age! My baba is just 8 months but has taken off - I'd forgotten how their personality just explodes at this age.... What a cute smile.

  5. 10 months is a gorgeous age. Hold onto it, it goes by in the blink of an eye doesn't it?! gxo


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