Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prehistoric Tuesday

I have been wanting to take Angus to the museum for a while now. Between illness, days at preschool and other social commitments, we have not had much opportunity to get there. I'd heard great reports from friends about the wonderful attractions for the kiddies. So today, we hopped along to the Australian Museum. Angus dressed accordingly, in his dinosaur hoodie.

We spent the bulk of our adventure in the Kidspace section and at the dinosaur exhibition. Both of these areas are so beautifully designed for the tiny tots. Plenty of hands on action and sensory experiences on offer. Angus made the most of the painting table... as did many other budding artists. Kids and Paint: The Untold Love Story. I must say, the dinosaur replicas were A.mazing! So incredibly life like, in size and detail. Angus and I were both very brave when the lights went down and a simulated storm scene was produced. This was the only point where he became a teeny bit cautious of his surrounds. But he was only too happy to pose next to the giant head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (very Godfather-esque) and go fossicking for bones, in one of the purpose built displays.

We wrapped it all up in under 2 hours, which I felt was plenty of time for my little big man. I'm certain he is still a bit young at this age, to appreciate the full effect of the museum. In a couple of years, I expect he will insist we make a day of it, as there are just so many brilliant things to see and do. No doubt his baby brother won't sleep the entire time in the pram on our next visit either. I am extremely glad we went though and shared some precious Mama/Angus time.


  1. What an awesome adventure. so love the picture with his head in a dinosaur. my boys would have loved this. creating great memories - awesome. N x

  2. Oh wow I'll have to show Cooper these photos. He's obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. Even more so after a dinosaur show came to the school a couple of weeks back.
    Oh and Angus is so scrumptious he has the most amazing hair doesn't he?

  3. I love interactive exhibits like this! All our boys have gone through a dinosaur stage but I have never seen anything quite as amazing as these replicas.
    Looks like a great time was had.

  4. That sounds fabulous! Little Miss loves dinosaurs too, she'd love it! I can't wait til she's old enough to start really enjoying these experiences. Glad you had a wonderful day! x

  5. What a brave little man putting his head between those teeth. Missing Sydney and its museums, zoo, aquarium and galleries. Sniff... gxo

  6. I've been meaning to do the museum for ages too. Must do it soon. You've inspired me!

  7. wow looks awesome! What a handsome lad Angus is! i'm sure you had an amazing time! Riley would absolutely love the dinosaurs, i must take him to the museum soon. xx


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