Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grateful for Supportive Employers

Returning to the workforce is not something I long for. As I draw nearer to the end of my second maternity leave stint, I am filled with more emotions than I care to experience. Fear. Anxiety. Sadness. Reflection. Apprehension. All wrapped in a bittersweet layer of... mama guilt. I have been here before. Change is a tricky one for me. I know it is important and healthy. My word, it is inevitable. It just takes me time to get used to. The same could be said for most people, I am guessing.

This week I ventured into the office, to meet with my new manager (my previous manager, an absolute gem, has moved on since I went on leave. Big shame). However, I do already know this lady, which helps. Our meeting could not have turned out better if I had written the script for it myself. Relaxed, understanding, accommodating. Everything a mama returning from a year on maternity leave needs. Everything THIS mama needs.

So whilst I am quietly dismayed about leaving my 2 beautiful boys for two long, hectic days per week, I am also relieved. Relieved and grateful. In fact all I kept thinking during the meeting and ever since, is just how grateful I am. This week I'd like to acknowledge supportive employers. How much easier they can make a worried Mama's life, just by offering and providing the eminently sought after work/life balance. Joining in over a Maxabella's to share the gratitude around. 


  1. A supportive Manager and supportive company is the make or break to being able to successfully return to the workforce.

    Very happy to hear you've got both. I hope your transition back is smooth :)

  2. That's so great that you have a supportive employer - I must admit I've been much too scared to take the leap and head back to work just yet - eeeek! We don't have any family around so it just scares me too much - what if one of the kids were sick (and how often are they sick)?! Plus if I went back to my old job, I'd now have to report to my husband - and I'm not sure my competitive nature could take that ;-) Good luck!!!

  3. Oh, Julie, best of British with it. I haven't been back to paid work for 3.5 years and the mere thought of doing so gives me the heebies. Hmm, time to sit on my Pandora's box a little longer...J x

  4. I think a two day working week is practically perfect..time to develop more skills workwise and socially and time to have a family life and raise your kids yourself..great mix. A good boss makes all the difference too!

  5. Ah so true Julie, a supportive employer and work place is so important. When are you starting back? i hope it all goes smoothly! xx

  6. I share your gratitude. In my profession (freelance writing) regular and well-paid work is so rare and yet about a year ago I found myself in a regular and very well paid position that means I can work from home, be with my family and manage to save $! Nearing the end of this current pregnancy my boss has been so accommodating and lenient and is happy for me to work at my own pace, in my own home with my new baby by my side. It is an honour to be on the receiving end of such consideration - and it makes the balance of being a mum and an employee all the more possible. Good luck with your two days!

  7. Hear hear!
    I wish you all the strength (and energy) you need heading back.
    As you know, the first few days are the most challenging - and teary.
    It won't be long until you're all in the swing of it.


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