Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Wings Mama

A number of brands have stuck with me since childhood. Really memorable brands, complete with daggy 80's commercials, sporting equally daggy, yet catchy, jingles. One that springs to mind, every time I see the blue and white dove symbol in the supermarket, is White Wings. As I recall, it went something like...  'when you've got a White Wings Mum, you've got it made'. Yep, daggy. Interesting how these catch phrases stay with us, throughout our lives. The power of advertising me thinks.

As most brands do, I have noticed White Wings branching out in the past year or so. An indicative sign of the times no doubt. No longer wanting to be seen as the kings of flour or packet cake mixes, they now have a range of ready made biscuits. I'm not normally a big fan of packet biscuits. They're tasty enough and do the job if I don't have time to prepare something home made. But growing up with a Mama who baked batches and batches of cookies and slices, cakes and puddings, I'm more partial to a sweet made with love.

However, White Wings have released these luscious morsels of creamy deliciousness. And with one of my favourite fillings, no less. I LOVE passionfruit, in my bikkies and desserts. On it's own, passionfruit can taste decidedly tart, but whipped up into a a treat like this, it is just divine. So, hat's off to you White Wings, you continue to fill my days as a Mama, with fond reflections of yesteryear... and my latest favourite biscuit.


  1. They look good! Try stopping at one ;)

  2. Oh dear I wish I hadn't seen this post. I'm also a sucker for passionfruit flavour.
    I was also brought up spoilt with lots of homemade goodies so usually don't buy packet biscuits but you just have to try Aldi's Melting Moments, yummo! Now you may become addicted so don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

  3. So, I'm catching up on your blog and now you've made me all hungry. And it's midnight. What am I thinking reading this delicious post at this hour?



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