Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let there be light

Until we moved into our place, I hadn't given much thought to the importance of natural light in a home. I would read hundreds of descriptions on Domain, with houses boasting 'an abundance of natural light' and whilst it sounded nice, it wasn't high on my list of essentials. Probably because we were spoilt with a light filled, top floor unit. Glorious rays streamed into every room. Of course, when I first walked through the front door during the open house of our place, it was a sunny Saturday morning. Just another smoke and mirrors tactic, used by agents. We learnt this when selling our unit. Display the property at the time of day when everything looks it's finest. Obviously, our place didn't disappoint and the tactic worked a charm, because we're here, living in it.

Terrace living has it's own unique style. Especially when there happens to be adjoining terraces on either side... re. no windows. I've discovered, in hindsight, that indeed, natural light is a big, BIG plus when purchasing a home. We are lucky however, to have a north facing home, enjoying plenty of sunshine in our front room and courtyard (that is when the sun decides to shine!). Upstairs is just about perfect. Bright and airy. For the dark downstairs rooms, thankfully, there are two well positioned skylights, in the kitchen and above the staircase. 

Then there is this window. This cleverly designed feature in the kitchen, that attracted me from day one. It continues to provide spark to my days, over 18 months on. I love how I can take one glance up and know what the weather is doing. I love the different shades of green, backed by the everchanging sky. I love how the sunlight refracts off the almighty eucalyptus trunks, providing a luminous perspective to the outside world. And I love how it delivers light into our rather light starved home. Yes, it would appear that natural light is quite the necessary element when deciding on a place to live.


  1. what a cute litle window for you to peep through! i love natural light, our old has had none and sadly we had mould on alotof things, but that was in Sydney, no chance of that here on the Goldy we have tons of light ;)

  2. Those trees are just beautiful!
    Our house, which we are in the process of selling, has lots of natural light throughout. I am going to miss it! :(

  3. I love your triangle window! I want one! The view of the gum trees is magical too, keep smiling :)

  4. Our current house has lots of light, I'm hoping our next will too. I love the view of the trees, they're gorgeous!


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