Monday, May 23, 2011


The road to feeling fit is not a smooth one these days. Every time I think I might be on track and focused... something derails that notion. Recently it has been bouts of illness. The boys. Myself. If it's not lack of sleep, it's body aches and sniffles. Excuses. Excuses. I guess it just takes me more than a gentle shove to get out there and amongst it. It's an unusual feeling. Pre-children, exercise was part of my daily routine. And I liked that.

Yesterday I knew I needed to run. Get out of the house for an hour. Be free. Despite this lingering sinus complaint, I could not go another weekend without using my legs, working the muscles, feeling the sand beneath my feet. I'm so glad I did. The beach was a picture. The sand freshly manicured. It always feels like I'm cheating when the sand tractor has just been through. It is still dry and soft and extremely difficult to run in. Though it's smoother and lighter, than when a thousand feet have trampled across and churned it up.

I ran as fast and strong as I possibly could. When I could push no more, I stopped. Breathed. Took in the wonderful sights around me. Boats we had our wedding photos taken sitting in. Keen volleyballers starting up an early morning contest. Rays of sunlight shining down across a bed of coastal flowers. The ocean. The sand. I was happy with my 6 laps. It's only 3km, a mere fraction of what I should be achieving. But it is something. I love this beach of mine. Well, the beach I share with numerous others too. But there is a part of me that belongs to these golden sands. And at least a few of these grains belong to me. 


  1. Beautiful picture! I don't do running. I walk - but I still love the way it makes me feel. Happy running:)

  2. If i had a regular beach, i think i'd be pretty territorial about it being MY beach too. Love Posie

  3. The most beautiful running track - and you own a little part of it!
    Enjoy - every step!

  4. Beautiful. And so inspirational, i so need to get out there and do something, i am feeling the weight of two babies born close together and need to get moving.. just need to get motivated! x

  5. You've definitely inspired me. Pity I can't do anything about it :-(. I'll never be allowed to run again even afterbthe operation. And especially in soft sand as that's how I re-injured my back last year.

    How nice that you've got 'your' beach though. Is it walking distance from your house?

  6. Gosh I can't even manage 1km anymore without feeling I am about to collapse with exhaustion :) talk about being unfit.


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