Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shoes, Blooms & Kiddlywinks

This week I'm grateful for a great many things and because I can't possibly list all of them, I have selected my three favourites to focus on. Joining in with the wonderful Maxabella to share the grateful spirit.

New Shoes (+ free gift with purchase!) - It's hard to find a gal who doesn't love a new pair of shoes. I am no exception. I have kept a fairly tight lid on the shoe budget this year season. So how was I to resist a beaut little pair of Winter flats... especially when David Jones were offering 25% off on Witchery shoes and accessories? It is any wonder I didn't buy more! AND a nice little surprise at the register... a free gift with purchase! A delightful case of 4 skin care creams, consisting of Aloe Vera; Rosewater; Cocoa Butter and good ol' Vitamin E. What a tidy Mama's Day gift for myself! 

Chrysanthemums - As the years go by, I grow to love this flower more and more. The shape, texture, variety of colours and of course, the significance. My poor Mama receives a pot of these EVERY year, regardless of whether she wants them or not. Scott's Mum also scores a pot. This year, I settled on an understated white, with a whisper of pink on the edges for my Mama. And classic white for Scott's Mum. I do adore these blooms.

Little people who call me Mama - Being a Mama is arduous and relentless, at times. It might sound cliche, but it is SO worth every minute of hard work. Whilst Mother's Day is a celebration of Mama's. For me, it's also a celebration of the kiddlywinks* I'm lucky enough to call my own. Yes, this week I am most grateful.

* My Mama used this expression to describe us when we were little. I only just remembered while writing this post. Cute!


  1. Ooooh new shoes - LOVELY! I must admit I have a slight infatuation with Witchery shoes - and Witchery kids clothes (though I'm sure if I decided to kit the kids out my husband would have a heart attack!) And free anything always makes the purchase that much more of a good deal :-)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Definitely watch them like hawks - cleaning up toilet water from chubby legs isn't at the top of anyones list I think!

  2. Nice to meet you. Love the shoes and flowers. Have a wonderful mothers day. Charmaine

  3. Hooray for new shoes, i want some ballet flat moccassin types (spelt correctly??) too, only maybe in a mustard colour?? I used to live in Sydney near a Witchery outlet where i'd pick up the model's ex-shoes from shoots (i have their foot size, not their waist size) & it was amazing, never paid more than about $35 & as a mother of 4, barely wear them so all lovely & still new looking, 10 years later!!
    Happy Mother's Day, love Posie

  4. Nice shoes! I hope your having a lovely mothers day! popped over from maxabella loves :)


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