Monday, May 28, 2012

Give it away, give it away, give it away... NOW!

In my head, I imagined once I hit one hundred followers I'd have a little giveaway. A bit of a celebration for reaching triple figures, or something like that. But as is often the case, my reflexes have taken a tad longer to catch up with my thoughts. But I have also just clocked up three hundred & fifty posts. So for both these reasons... some tokens of appreciation.

Pack One
The Australian Women's Weekly COOK book - This book was gifted to me by my dear friend Nat many moons ago and is still my favourite cook book. It is responsible for lots of the delicious recipes I post here and when I saw this soft cover copy at the Post Office, I knew it had to form part of a giveaway. Tried and tested recipes, from me to you.
Set of two square platters by Marie Claire - Now these are simply gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, that I purchased three sets of them at once. And decided they would be a rather nice accompaniment to the cook book. They look perfect with a good slab of cake rested upon them too.

Pack Two
Kikki K Sketch Notepad & Three Kikki K matching pens - Because as I have discovered, one can never have too much stationery on hand.
Typo bright blue ink pad & birdie stamp - this actually just matched the rest of the blue motif nicely... and stamps are always fun too!

So thank you lovely followers. I may not always be able to reply to your wonderful comments filled with words of wisdom and support... but please know that each and every one brightens my days... and nights.

* All followers (new & old) of Mama of 2 boys residing in Australia may enter this giveaway (sorry to my overseas lovelies)
* Simply leave a comment on this post... and maybe which pack would be preferred
* Entries close next Monday 4th June at 6pm
* Winners will be drawn and posted the same evening


  1. Congratulations on triple figure followers. And so generous to create a giveaway. I totally agree, you can never have too much stationery. Even if most of your correspondence is by computer or phone. Essential stuff!

  2. Your blog is a lovely read and puts a smile on my's no wonder you have so many readers! Well done.
    I encourage my children to write weekly letters to their pen friends, so definately stationary for this house! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Julie, first of all CONGRATULATIONS on 100 (115 in fact!) followers and 350 posts. Wow, time flies when you're having fun blogging! From someone who was going to celebrate with giveaways at every 100 followers, I must say I've missed the boat more than three times now. Shocking. Not one giveaway! But I'm inspired by yours (and what a lovely idea to share what you love).

    Those platters are so gorgeous, I can imagine something you've made with loads of love placed just as lovingly on them. Good on you for buying some for yourself as well as a very lucky reader!

    I know I'm so random at blogging these days, but I love reading your posts whenever I jump on. Yours is one of the first I want to get onto and read. Hugs to you gorgeous girl! xx

  4. Oh, and did I mention that I've now got that song in my head? "Give it away, give it away now!"

  5. Congrats on 100+ followers and 350 posts! Quiet an achievement!!! I love both giveaways, I'm not fussy :) Your blog is fantastic, love seeing those cute boys of yours! xx

  6. Yay for you gorgeous girl! Look at your followers climbing up there - and I am fairly certain you'd have waaaay more than that who just haven't clicked on the follow me button yet!

    Sign me up to win baby! Especially that cook book after seeing all your super yummy things on here! I have saved that chocolate fudgey cake recipe from the other day in my reader ready for baking!

  7. You are such a beautiful, generous soul.
    Congratulations, Julie.
    It's always a pleasure here in your space.
    :-) xx

  8. Congratulations on your 100+ followers and 350 posts...That is something to be really proud of :). I love reading about your family's adventures here and thanks for your support of my blog too!

  9. Yay, congrats gorgeous!!
    Such a lovely giveaway, you are far to kind.

  10. well you sure know how to do a giveaway!! congratulations on both milestones, I love dropping by to see what's happening with your little men. if my number came up, that cookbook would fit rather nicely in my collection ;) x

  11. Congratulations Julie!
    Well done to you! I am taking quite a while to get up to 100 followers, but I havn't exactly been the most consistent blogger lately!!

    Have a great week lovely

    Rach x

  12. it's always a pleasure reading your posts julie. you are always thinking of others...such an admirable trait. the giveaway is a very kind gesture - i would be happy with either if my number came up. xo

  13. Ah Julie, how nice are you?! What a fab giveaway. I love me a Woman's Weekly cookbook!

    Congratulations, your blog is such a lovely little corner of the interwebs, I love coming and reading about your life. You're also one of my all-time favourite commenters. Make sure you keep blogging, kay? xxooxx

  14. Congratulations Jules and what a generous giveaway. I love popping by to see what you have been up to and I too have saved your chocolate fudge cake recipe to make. Please enter me in for your giveaway I love both sets and wouldn't mind winning either xx

  15. Oh Jules you are such a gorgeous one! Congratulations on 100+ followers and congrats on those awesome 350 posts - you're a great read ; )
    I love both packs so I'd be over the moon with either if my lucky number came up. x

  16. Congrats on the followers. Thanks for the chance to win, I really enjoy your blog posts. Love the look of the platters and cook book. Though if I was lucky enough to win, I would be appreciative of either.

  17. Woo Hoo J!! 350 posts and over 100 followers, so very proud of you, big hugs for being the great person you are and for your lovely honest beautiful blogging.
    You know I have given that cook book away as a gift several times but never purchased one for myself, so pleased it's bought you so much kitchen and full belly joy!
    You are so very generous J, such beautiful prizes picked with thoughtfulness and care xoxox

  18. That is great that you have reached such a milestone! I love tuning in here and seeing what you and the boys are up to. Great little giveaways.x

  19. Congratulations and thank you!!! I always thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Either pack would be fabulous, though the Australian Women's Weekly COOK Book would be put to such good use around here.


  20. Congratulations to you. Regular reader, just working out this following thing. I love the second pack. How gorgeous are your shutters!


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