Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Yoghurt Thief

I should know by now, that in toddler terms, quiet and peaceful spells trouble. Though when I'm working against the clock to get something done, who am I to question the silence?! And I have a tricky little fellow who is starting to take full advantage of those available windows when Mama is busy... to hit the fridge. He's not too fussy, grabbing anything he can get his chubby hands on, then taking his loot back to the dining table to inspect.

Usually, I catch him in the act before he's even worked out how to break in, but about a week ago, while blowdrying my hair, the first yoghurt theft occurred. I came out of the bathroom to find him spoon deep in a tub of wild blueberry. With precision, he had taken the tub out of the fridge, removed the plastic seal, collected a spoon from the drawer and plonked himself at the table to devour. Straight after breakfast too. The look of partial guilt but mostly self satisfaction on his face, just needed to be captured. I am secretly proud of his will and determination. 


  1. So cute.

    (I never question the silence either).

  2. Hee hee!!
    I love how civilised about it he was too!!
    Gorgeous cheeky monkey.
    silence is not always golden!
    :-) xx

  3. Such determination! Love the cutie pie proud face.

  4. why do they always want to eat straight after breakfast?? our littlest always has a list of what she wants to eat straight after breaky! growing bodies I guess!! what a {sneaky} little cutie pie x

  5. How good that he pops himself up at the table! At least he's a classy thief hehe

  6. I saw your comment on Retromummy.

    Now this is self-service! Very smart choice too.

  7. At least he's eating it J and not spreading it over everything, like a little 2.9 year old who shall remain nameless!!
    He is so proud of himself and looks like he's enjoying it so much. I am very guilty of those windows and hearing the quiet, now it makes me nervous!

  8. the silence i admit does get the better of me. though it is welcome, it usually means penny is up to no good. she loves to pour her yoghurt in her play saucepans and spread about the place everywhere. i love your photos julie. its good to see him enjoying it. xo

  9. He's a cheeky one! At least yoghurt is good for him & at least he sat up at the table!


  10. Look at that cheeky proud face!
    Reminds me of my brother ... when we were little he used to pierce a small hole in the yoghurt lids and suck the yoghurt out so mum wouldn't know that he had been eating it!!

  11. What a cheeky face! Definitely too cute NOT to photograph! We have a yoghurt thief in our house. Nothing seems to work! xx


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