Friday, May 4, 2012

Solitary Moments

It's been a long week. A very long week. I have hardly seen Scott since last weekend, the boys haven't seen him at all. A couple of days in Melbourne, followed by an extra hectic schedule, has seen him leaving before we wake and returning long after the boy's bedtime. We've barely managed a few hours of chat and catching up. Times like these are not ideal for any of us. So it's just a matter of getting through each day the best we can. I've actually been extremely organised, remained fairly positive and spent plenty of quality time with the boys. All of that being said, I've also felt rather solitary. I adore being a stay-at-home Mama and know I am ever so lucky to be able to do it for now, but there is often a loneliness associated with this role. And this week, it seemed to be highlighted more than usual.

So little trips to the shops or local parks or playing games at home is how we've spent our days. The weather has been a beautiful Autumn blend of sunshine and refreshing temperatures. Today, we had a lovely time at Watson's Bay. A walk along the jetty, fish & chips lunch and a long play at the park. It was a nice way to break up the day. I just couldn't stop snapping. What I didn't capture though, was moments after I took the shot of Angus drinking his orange juice... the remaining three quarters of the bottle was knocked down my leg and into my shoe, straight out of Angus' chubby hands. The culprit: Felix of course. So a damp, sticky shoe accompanied me from that point on. 

I found Felix during a rather reflective moment, at the top of the slide. So thoughtful. 


  1. Gorgeous pics of the boys as usual :) Those weeks spent alone can seem extra long! Hope you get a bit of family time this weekend xx

  2. I'm with you with the missing hubby. Work travel is the pits.
    Hopeing you get some quality time this weekend to take some more great pics.....together!

  3. What a great way to spend the day, your boys looked like they had such fun!

  4. Beautiful...use to love a Sunday arvo at the Watson Bay Hotel with a beve and some fish n chips. Lov the last shot of Felix....wonder what he was thinking/dreaming about :0

  5. I know those weeks,

    They feel so damn long!

    Gosh your boys are GROWING!

    Beautiful photography, as always :)

    P.S I think Angus looks like hubby, & Felix looks like you :)


  6. I hope you guys get to spend some lovely family time on the weekend.
    It can be a lonely, relentless game, this beautiful motherhood gig.
    Gorgeous pics.
    Not so gorgeous sticky foot!
    :-) xx

  7. Gorgeous photos! You've made me homesick for Sydney. I love Watson's Bay. Your boys are just gorgeous and that lovely last picture. Hope next week is better than this one was. xx

  8. More fab photos. Love them. I have to ask what type of Camera do you have? I'm pondering getting a new one and can't decide. It will be a baseline DSLR. Any advice??

  9. Can we meet there for lunch and a play next time we're in Sydney????? But can we skip the juice, because that doesn't sound fun?
    Great photos J xoxox

  10. Oh Jules. I really feel for you. Mr PB and I are passing like ships in the night as well and it's not fun. I am so impressed that you still take the boys on outings. My default option is always to stay at home. Goodness, you've brought back some fabulous memories of Watson's Bay for me! J x

  11. Look at that glorious weather! And that seesaw is all very new age! You are a champion for surviving the week without your man - it all comes down to planning!

  12. I know that feeling well, Julie. Especially when we had just moved to HK, I felt so alone. But when this happens, I often turn to my blog or Instagram, and usually, I feel much better quickly - the power of the interwebs!

    I hope you get to see your husbie soon. Have a great week, I hope it is less solitary. Cat xox


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