Friday, March 30, 2012

Little piece of sunshine

We had a magnificent day yesterday. An 'adventure' (as Angus says), filled with sunshine and laughter and so much love. Caught the bus, met my Mama in the city, wandered around the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed a spot of lunch by the harbour, at the Opera House. It was a perfect day, in every way. I love my Mama more than words will ever describe and the relationship she has with my boys, I possibly love even more. My heart could seriously melt watching them all together. So many happy moments captured through the lens once again and it was difficult to cull them down for this post... so in the end, I just threw in all of my favourites.

A fitting segue for me to graciously accept the sunshine award from two lovelies Veronica and Tammi. Thank you beautiful girls. I couldn't think of a better post to respond with my answers on. So here goes:

* Colour ~ Blue & Red
* Animal ~ The big cats... all of them
* Non-alcoholic drink ~ Water & freshly squeezed juice & Coke 
* Facebook or Twitter ~ Facebook
* Getting or giving presents ~ LOVE giving
* Flower ~ Rose & Frangipani
* Pattern ~ Spots & Dots & Gingham/Checkered
* Passion ~ Family & Friends & Music & Writing
* Number ~ 7

And now to pass the sunshine award baton on to five other gorgeous bloggers... if they so choose to accept of course:

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  1. Lovely photos. I feel exactly the same about seeing my Mum with my kids. Even on the daily skype calls we have it's pretty special - so I can't wait to have more time with her and them once we're back in Blighty. Glad you had such a gorgeous day. x

  2. What a gorgeous sunshiny day you had! Days like that are so good for the soul. I feel just the same way about my mum - so special.

  3. What a glorious day, love that blue sky. Great photos & that grandma/grandson relaitonship is very special, isn't it?

  4. How gorgeous was the weather yesterday? How gorgeous are your boys? Angus is so grown up now.

    I love seeing my kids with their Grandma. Super special stuff.

  5. Just gorgeous, Jules. It brings back so many memories for me. Have you read 'Alexander's Outing' by Pamela Allen ( it's qa 'must read' for any Sydneysiders! J x

  6. Your boys always have the most beautiful smiles and I find myself smiling at them through my computer. You are an amazing Mum Jules, they way you create such beautiful memories for them. Xxx

  7. How beautiful.
    It's such a special relationship they have with grandparents - and a joy to watch.
    I would have had trouble choosing 'favourite' shots too.
    :-) xxx

  8. Ahhh what happy photos! Love all that sunshine xx

  9. Looks like a great day!

    I miss Sydney. I lived there when my eldest was born. He's now 5 and I haven't had a chance to get back.

    Might have to book a little holiday :)

  10. What a gorgeous day - most of all because of the people enjoying it. That sun is just radiating happiness.

    Thank you for the sunshine award, Lovely. I always feel like I'm drenched in sunshine visiting your happy blog xo

  11. There is nothing better than enjoying some sunshine with loved ones, this post radiates that :)
    Thanks for playing along Julie, I enjoyed learning a little more about you.

  12. Days like these are priceless. Absolutely gorgeous photos, as always. x

  13. Wowsers. Sometimes I forget how amazing Sydney is! Congrats on your award. And those beautiful boys!!!! xx

  14. a lovely day out julie and how better spent than with your mum and boys. thanks for playing along. xo


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