Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keeping with tradition

Today offered up about the best Autumn weather one could ask for. Radiant sunshine beaming down all over the place. Just the kind of day we like for the annual Food and Film Festival at The Spot. I say it every year, but it never fails to dish up a tremendous atmosphere, along with an array of incredible international foods and plenty of fun activities for the small peeps. A community I adore being a part of, a nice feeling to have for the place we call home.

My word, there is something about gozleme. Whenever it is on offer, I dive straight for the stall and order up a piping hot cheese and spinach to go. So, SO, good. If I could make it myself, I would. But I wouldn't want to ruin the gozleme experience, so I just enjoy it at every festival or market or show we attend, the good old fashioned way. Angus made it his business to go on the giant jumping castle as many times as his energetic body would allow. He was pooped after half a dozen or so sessions. Then he discovered the MLC Hot Shots running a mini tennis clinic for the littlies... and of course, he managed a healthy dose of racquet time there too. Felix snoozed. We strolled. A lovely afternoon of family tradition for all of us. 


  1. Super cool sunnies! I have never heard of gozleme? Looks like something mexican or greek? Have a great week.x

  2. Very cute photos, Jules. Especially those pudgy little toes! J x

  3. Oh gozleme. Oh, I die! That's my favourite type of 'take away' food too!

    Sounds like you had the most perfect day. The weather sure was beautiful. That last photo is divine. I love little chubby sleeping feet! xx

  4. So happy to be visiting you again my friend I have missed so much. What a great day you have shared with us I sure have missed those little faces. I'm resting up and hope for a good recovery though it will still be a few weeks yet before I know . Thank you so much for your lovely well wishes, I hope you have a great week I'll catch up again soon.

    Always Wendy xo

  5. I love family traditions like this that are shared with the next generation and how cool would it be for your boys to share that tradition with their own families in years to come :)
    Gozleme sound and look rather tasty!

  6. What a fabulous day - and a gorgeous set of pics to match.
    Those boys of yours are beyond cute.
    :-) xxx

  7. Looks like a great day!

    We are a household of gozleme lovers! Our local weekly markets has a gozleme stall, and my husband gets one pretty much every week. Son and I miss out because we are at mothers group. But it is so yum yum yum.

    Have you tried to make it before? We used this recipe with decent success - It's a bit of effort/planning though. Since we have it available to us once a week, we just go with the lazy yummy option!


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