Monday, March 12, 2012

Comfort Food

Until recently, I never saw myself as a 'comfort food' eater. But lately, I am becoming aware that it is exactly what I am. It's what I do. I'm buying more packet chips, more chocolate, more icecream. And I couldn't care less. Instead of being worried or conscious of the things I put in the trolley, I throw them in with reckless abandon. I know this period will be short-lived and before too long I'll be back hitting the exercise again and being more discerning with my food choices. So while it lasts, I'm going to enjoy, dammit.

On Saturday night, a dear friend and I went to one of our favourite city restaurants. We have dined here often over the years and it is always so fresh and delicious and completely comfort inducing for us. Set on the edge of gorgeous Cockle Bay, we were even treated to the customary Saturday night fireworks display over the sparkling water. Sipping on moscato and chatting for hours over a meal that good, was a nice way to spend an evening.


  1. If it is a comfort to you at the moment, enjoy it!
    A long meal with a good friend is the ultimate in comfort. Xxx

  2. From one comfort foodie to another - enjoy.
    As you've said it's short lived and I can think of far worse ways to indulge.
    So glad you had a beautiful dinner.

  3. Give me comfort food, a glass of moscato, a bestie and a great view any night! Such a fabulous way to feed the soul. You have to soak up those moments whenever you have the chance. Agreed, lovely to see you smiling face : ) Alison xo

  4. If only I looked as good as you when I was eating all that yummy food!!


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