Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sizzle & Sweat

Sheesh. Is it HOT or what? I mean I actually don't mind it too much, as we haven't really had a proper summer (up until this last week or so) anyway. So it's sort of overdue heat the way I see it. I am fairly certain there is not one place on my body that isn't in a sweat induced state of trauma. Under my eyes even have little beads pooling right now! Yes, it's really packin' some heat in our tiny tin-roofed terrace tonight.

I am overwhelmingly pleased to say that today we had a better day. Hooray! Day two of preschool orientation went relatively smoothly. With a little conversation and some carefully positioned coaxing prior, we both made it across the line without any tears. Ok, we got through the drop-off part without tears. I still lost it once I was back in the car, but they were private Mama sobs and they only lasted for a few minutes.

At this point, I'm feeling a teeny bit more confident about the two days per week of preschool we're about to embark on. It's going to take time though, I can see that already. It doesn't sit well with me, leaving my baby with what are essentially strangers. Both my boys have only ever been left with my parents or Scott, every other moment, they have been by my side. It's extremely rare for me to leave them at all. Therefore we're definitely looking at a work in progress for me. For now, I'll choose to focus on the positive aspects and just take each preschool day as it comes.

We managed some beach time this afternoon also, a little respite from the sizzling heat. I actually walked past Clovelly Beach earlier in the day (while filling in time during Angus' orientation) and was mesmerized by how incredible the water looked. Sometimes I look at the beaches around here, the cliffs, the rocks, the crystal clear water and I could almost trick myself to believe they are exotic hideaways, miles away from the city that surrounds them. Seeing the water looking so darn inviting, prompted me to head back, both boys in tow, for an invigorating dip.

Unfortunately, not being a great follower of the tides, I was somewhat disappointed with the low tide in place by the time we got down there. Nor did I anticipate Angus' reluctance to even want to put a toe in the water with me. So my fanciful thoughts of an afternoon bathing restfully in the sun ended up being just that. Fanciful thoughts. We did however enjoy alot of Mama/Angus time while Felix napped. Building sandcastles and awesome sand creatures with the fabulous beach bag o' tricks Angus received for Christmas. So all was not lost. 

Low tide and mossy, manky rocks aside, I am still very much in love with this beach. A perfect place to conquer the sizzle and sweat on a scorching February day.

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