Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Domestic God

It would seem I have a little shadow. It is nothing new to be followed everywhere when you're a mama. Nowhere is sacred. The number of Mama's who remark to me so often that they never get any peace and quiet. Even in what is supposed to be the most private of places, it is still access all areas for the kidlets. For a good 12 months now, Angus has been evolving into a fine example of domesticity.  I put some of it down to spending the two days a week with my parents when I returned to work. My Mama in particular, is so patient in letting him learn and explore anything and everything when it comes to household chores and the garden.

I noticed his domestic qualities initially through his enthusiasm to assist with vacuuming. From here it has branched out to mops, cloths and cleaning products, of all things (I have explained possibly 10,000 times about poison and how it is not for 3 year olds to be handling... semantics in his eyes). He loves hanging the washing out and especially likes the clothes horse... as naturally, it is more his height. Then the obvious progression... placing said clothes into their rightful locations. The waste management almost has to be left to him exclusively, or it can cause quite the scene. I have been known to sneak out to the bins while he's in the shower, to avoid any 'incidents' over who gets to take the rubbish out. Washing up dishes is another passion. Along with his little blue IKEA foot stool, which he carries everywhere, enabling him to be quite dexterous in making his way to the sink, turning on the tap (cold water only) and rinsing off dirty cups, plates and lately, Felix's bottles. Just try stopping him!

Now if I was a tad more skilled in the kitchen, I think I may even have a budding junior master chef on my hands also. Alas, I'm fairly basic with my chosen meals, I do like to whip up an impressive cake or dessert however. In any case, my little domestic god is ALWAYS right by my side. Be it peeling vegies or baking a batch of cupcakes, he is in his element when in the thick of it all. At times his intense participation creates added hard work on my part. Just recently, he has taken to holding my wrist whenever I need to chop, peel or dice. It proves very tricky, as not only am I trying to prepare meals successfully, I am also nervously keeping the chubby little hands of a 3 year old at bay. But once more, try stopping him! He is mightily determined and super persistent. At the end of the day, I'm quietly in awe of him and all he has mastered on the domestic front. Plus, I may as well enjoy it, as it will no doubt be a short-lived phase. 

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