Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to the world Little One

Oh! How I love a newborn. Feather soft skin. Tiny scrunched up faces. Spontaneous gurgles and squeaks of contentedness. Perfectly proportioned... everything. And the smell, ah the smell. Then the wonder. Wonder at how a miniature human being forms all it's precious bits and pieces. Then gradually grows, filling out those bits and pieces, as the days, weeks, months pass by. Until the day that delightful babe is born. Such a spiritually enriching event. It is quite frankly too awesome for words. So on that note, I'll simply say it is so nice to finally meet the sweetest little princess, who graced our world, at precisely 11.58pm last night. Sofia Elizabeth Mangan. Daughter number two for my friends Angela and Malcolm. A sister for the lovely Lilly. And a little ray of sunshine for us all.

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