Monday, February 21, 2011

There's something about Miranda

I think it's fair to say, that I might just have a big girl crush on Miranda Kerr. Is it the fame and fortune? Not really. Is it the jet-setting, globe trotting, star power lifestyle? Uh Uh. Popularity? Nah. Movie star husband? Afraid not. Is it the breathtaking beauty, to-die-for body and mind-blowing career she has forged for herself? Well, ok, it could be partly to do with this. But in all honesty, what I am most in awe of, is this down-to-earth Aussie gal's ability to keep it so real. I have always liked her and I am not easily impressed, when it comes to famous people. I appreciate individual qualities in most actors, singers, supermodels and the like. But rarely do I sincerely like what I see in these people.

When Miranda gave birth to her first child at the beginning of the year, I was blown away by the delightful photo she released of herself, breast feeding her newborn son. This captured a most (if not THE most) precious moment between mother and baby. Then so very endearing was her choice, to unveil this much sort after first baby pic alongside her own article about the birth, on the Kora Organics blog page. What. a. gal!

I'll admit I am quite the avid follower on Miranda's Facebook page (along with 400,000 or so other fans). Herein lies the key to the big girl crush I refer to. What I find most incredible is that she actually writes to her fans at this location. She takes the time to acknowledge people who adore her, to answer questions and offer valuable advice on health and beauty. She has a heart of gold and an endless measure of charm, providing hope and above all else, confidence, to so many. I seriously find it hard to imagine a person in her amazing position, being so positively natural and sharing quite so much of themselves. Yet she is and she does

And so this little crush confirms to me one thing I have found to be comprehensively true since the day I became a Mama myself... that motherhood is indeed a universal leveller. 

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