Monday, February 14, 2011

My Special Valentine

We don't 'do' Valentines Day around here. In 2004 (the year we married) I received a lovely bunch of long stemmed red roses, with a beautiful card from my husband-to-be. Twas precisely the last time I received a Valentine from him. In fact every year since we were married we go about the same little ritual. About a week (or a day) before Valentine's Day, Scott will check with me in a very matter of fact tone "we don't do Valentine's, do we?" And that is just fine by me. In my eyes, it is completely and ridiculously overrated. A TOTAL waste of money. Not to mention, just another day where hopes and expectations are set to be dashed, if cupid misses the mark. Who really needs a day like that!? 

So this Valentine's I was lucky enough to spend the day with two adorable cherubs. Well sure, they're my boys and that's who I spend all my days with, but it was love, love, love all the same. Poor baby Felix has been rather poorly these past few days. I think he may have been hit with a double whammy of the residual head cold and a couple of cruel, new teeth poking through his tender gums. He was MISERABLE last night. From around midnight onwards he lay wrapped around me, his tiny face buried deep in my neck. Just how Angus did when he was teething. Every few minutes he would twitch and writhe in a moment of pain. I felt very tired and helpless around the 3am mark, as I knew short of a dose of baby panadol, there wasn't much else I could do to appease his discomfort. 

Angus slept well, but hasn't managed to shake his constant runny nose (thank you preschool) yet either, therefore all three of us were a little bleary eyed today. However, the day did not go by without a special delivery. One day last week, while watching the Morning Show and feeding Felix, a TV Shop commercial came on. It is one I have seen no less than 500 times, so I started to tune out. BUT. Thenfor some unknown reason, it tweaked my interest on this particular day. Could have been the fact that I have had a very poor body image for the last 5 months. Maybe something to do with not being able to fit into ANY of my pants or jeans. Though, I'm absolutely certain in the end it was the idea of owning a piece of equipment guaranteed (?) to help rid my tummy of it's folds and flab, while acquiring a killer set of abs, in just 3 short minutes per day... sure it can! So, very unlike me (in fact my first ever TV infomercial purchase. Honestly!!) I dialled and ordered myself an Ab Circle Pro. 

Despite my initial concerns that I was the quintessential desperate housewife purchasing dust collecting rubbish from a tacky daytime TV commercial, after the shock wore off, I was mildly excited. I'm sure the delivery guy felt bad for me when I appeared at the door this afternoon, cranky baby on hip, chatty & snotty child at my side. Instead of delivering a crisp box adorned with shiny ribbons, containing dozens of delightful blooms and mouth-watering choccies, here he is, requesting the signature of an exhausted mama, taking possession of her shiny new Ab Circle Pro. For a non-participant in what is an exceedingly over commercialised love fest, I couldn't be more chuffed with my delivery this Valentine's Day. Right on TV Shop!


  1. My Valentine's gift to myself was starting boot camp so I know what you mean! Have fun with it and let me know if it works :)


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