Friday, February 4, 2011

A week of firsts

This week we had one major first, which seemed to consume alot of my thinking space. It was at the forefront of my mind for much of the week. When it wasn't at the front, it lingered at the back. Essentially, it controlled my feelings, actions and mood. With all the trepidation, the tears and at times excitement, I am glad we now have this particular first behind us. It made this one feel like a terribly long, drawn out week. We're all worn out. Over it. In need of some down time. Though I remain filled with promise that each week will indeed get easier. Step by step. Preschool will become a customary part of our lives. 

Another first this week, has been in the personal achievement category. My first proper exercise session of 2011. Actually it was well before Christmas since my last true workout, by this I mean a full blown sweat fest. It has made me feel rather gloomy at various stages, being in a fitness lull. I made a deal with myself that as soon as Angus started preschool, I would incorporate exercise into at least some of the spare time I have without him. So during both two hour orientation mornings and today, I hit the pavement. Working Felix's morning nap in nicely, I walked approximately 5km on each of the days, while he slept. Three power walk stints in five days. Mildly impressed with myself over that. 

By far the most enjoyable first of this week happened today. Felix experienced his very first ocean dip. His adorable smile spoke a thousand words. He was enraptured. Angus was a bit older when he took his first step into the sea. He was guarded and slightly more reluctant than Felix was today. It's a shame I was unable to freeze frame the enthusiasm on his chubby face during, but I did manage to take a cheerful shot as he was drying off after his swim. Amidst what is reported to be Sydney's longest heat wave on record, it felt thoroughly fitting to plonk the little guy into one of Coogee's most glorious ocean pools. A perfect spot for the little ones. Truly a moment I will treasure forever. I think I could get used to more of this one-on-one time with my seven month old companion.


  1. What a gorgeous grin! I can't believe the photos. I feel like you and my brothers must be neighbours.

  2. Thanks Sarah, I'm so glad you like the photos :o) It is such a coincidence we are connected by Coogee Beach in this way. Small world indeed xo


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