Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jealous much??

It is safe to say that Angus has gone through one hell of an adjustment period since his baby brother came along. His blinding jealousy has manifest itself in various forms. Over many months. Involving many people. The most recent chapter in the epic saga of 'Take my baby brother back where he came from', is around photographs. Angus completely flips out (and I mean FLIPS out) if he catches me taking a photo of Felix that he is not going to be in. He's not even keen on photos taken of the two of them together anymore. This is a big change, as he used to repeatedly urge me to "take another photo of us mama", at every opportunity.

I have a few theories for this target of new found jealousy, which seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. 
1. Felix is changing all the time - He is more mobile, more active and gets involved in absolutely anything he can get his hands on. Angus doesn't want me capturing a record of these wonderful developments, of which I might show to Daddy or Nana or Pop or anyone! when they are sure to be totally impressed with what Felix can do. 
2. Felix is growing cuter by the minute - This is plain for all to see. Including my perceptive eldest son. The last thing Angus wants are more cutie pie shots of baby brother to outshine his own adorable little face. This would explain the shrieks of "throw that photo of Felix out" and "we don't need anymore photos of Felix" and "take a photo of MEEEEEE!" he hurls in my direction, every time I even look at my camera. 
3. OR, it is entirely possible that this is just another jealous phase we have entered into and much like the infamous "stop kissing boobie Felix" stage we went through when I was breastfeeding, this one will also run it's course. 

I do wonder at what point I'll stop laughing along with this recent phase and ask myself whether we've got a full blown issue developing here. Though I think I'll give it some time yet. Besides, what would I do without magic moments like the one I captured today. Angus darting full pelt across the room and launching himself in front of the lens, just as I was about to snap a cheeky pic of Felix on the quiet. Amazing how he seems to know when I'm doing this. Golden memories of little green eyes. Right... here.

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  1. That's hilarious! Something you'll talk about for years to come!

    I've been pretty lucky with my two, there hasn't been too much jealousy, though I do get 'I don't want to have a little sister anymore!' now and again.


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