Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Australia Clock

Today really was a gift from above. Brilliant sunshine, gentle breeze and a delightful few hours in the city with my Mama. As soon as Angus was delivered to preschool (and joy upon joy, no tears, only smiles, from both of us this morning!) I boarded a bus bound for the city with my cheeky companion Felix. It was his first bus ride and he couldn't have been more nonchalant, in fact I'd say it was approximately 45 seconds into the trip before he was snoozing soundly.

Mama and I have been enjoying girly days in the city for as long as I can remember. The earliest memories I have are from about the age of four. Two in particular stand out. The time we went to see ET on the big screen (and I sat on her lap for a fair chunk of the movie, apparently scared and very upset for ET not being able to find a way to "go home") AND my first ever pantomime experience, being Puss In Boots. You never hear anything about Puss In Boots anymore, I can't even remember what the story is about. But it must have been memorable, as I have very happy recollections of that day. We have had countless unforgettable city excursions since then. We are (and always have been) like a couple of best friends. In alot of ways I was very fortunate to be born right at the tail end of the family. Only girl after six boys and a surprise baby at that, my Mama mistakenly thinking her baby making days were behind her. When at 39 years of age, along came little old me! Therefore we have a somewhat divine bond.

Today was all about nice, quality time together. Little bit of shopping, lots of chatter and a yummy lunch in the elegant Queen Victoria Building. Lovely! More beautiful childhood memories spring to mind of the giant clocks gracefully suspended from the ceiling of the QVB. We just so happened to be sitting right next to The Great Australia Clock while having lunch. Which meant we were lucky enough to catch the ritual midday gongs. There is something almost calming about the rhythmic sound of a bell chiming. With each loud echo you almost feel momentarily transported to a bygone era. This clock has a great deal of historic significance too, with 33 picturesque scenes, from both Aboriginal and European perspective dotted right around it. With the midday sun beaming down, through the glass ceiling overhead, it would have been remiss of me not to capture a small fragment of it's beauty. Another memorable day in the city, etched in my mind.

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