Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can't stop the shop

I have myself a slight addiction of late. Well, that's not entirely true. I have always had this addiction. I'll satisfy my craving anywhere I can. Boutiques, department stores, supermarkets, stalls, fetes, markets, online, even party plan (yes, I'm looking at you Tupperware, Intimo, Learning Ladder and the like). You name it and as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I'm up for a look-see and more than likely an investment in it. If I could do this til I drop, I would. But the truth is I wouldn't drop, because whatever my mood, I just can't. stop. shopping. 

My main weak spot is fashion. Dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, tops, bags, underwear, accessories & shoes. I love them all! Since I became a mama, I have a whole new fashion fascination, in the form of goodies for the tiny tots. Boys AND girls, as so many of my friends are also in the breeding phase. I'm just a retail junkie. Regardless of what it is I'm procuring, I'll always experience the same familiar rush. A burst of adrenalin. An edgy excitement and then a touch of panic, at what I have outlaid. I will point out right here that I never, repeat NEVER spend beyond my means. I don't believe in plastic debt. So although I am a self confessed addict, I'm a controlled addict. At this stage anyway.

My addiction has been laying dormant on the fashion side for a while now. During pregnancy, I might buy myself a couple of key items, but nowhere near the amount I indulge in when I'm my 'normal' size. So right now, I'm in the danger zone, as I slowly, slooooowly, bring my body back into a decent (ok half acceptable) shape. I'm not overly a designer labels gal. I admire them with consummate appreciation, but invariably it will be the cheaper knock off that I bring home. In saying this, there are a scattering of fancy schmancy pieces in my wardrobe. Wayne Cooper is an old favourite of mine, he designs THE best dresses ever. I wore one of his to a wedding last year, post baby body and all. It still made me feel a million dollars. Gotta love a dress that makes you feel so good, at a time like that.

However, this little addiction/obsession/fixation, needs the reigns pulled in quick-smart. We are officially operating on one wage now, while I'm still on maternity leave and will be until at least July. I have been watching our bank balance gradually dwindling and being the financial controller of the household, I know it is I who has to manage this successfully. I know I can do it. All I need is to remain staunch when I see a massive sale on my favourite brands and ignore the pretty packaging (or whatever it is these marketing/advertising guru's use to hypnotise suckers like me). I will be strong when the gorgeous new season colours and styles hit the stores. I won't be swayed by the latest toys for the kids or enticed by the heavenly scents as I pass by the fragrance counter. I will start all of this restraint right after my day in the city with my Mama tomorrow. Straight after I pickup my special offer of a FREE Clinique gift bag (with purchase over $60). Afterall, beauty products are a must have item. 


  1. I am totally with you on the Clinque 'gift with purchase' i wear so little make up, all those free eye shadows & mascaras are always used, appreciated essentials!! Then i went on an American cruise liner in Europe, want to cry - moistuizer was $22. Love Posie

  2. SUCH a hard addiction to break... beware of all traps and good luck, Mama. x


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