Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Word

It's official! My baby boy has delivered his very first word. A decidedly enthusiastic and distinctive... "MAMA"! I will always remember Angus' first word... "Dada". I can recall feeling stoked for Scott back then and quietly hoping that he would utter my name next. It took him a couple of months to finally say it and I was thrilled. So hearing Felix screeching "Mama" over and over, to all who will listen, leaves me positively tickled pink. This weekend has seen the clarity improve and the frequency increase. For the past week or so, he has been unwell AND teething, so everything that comes out of his mouth has been a sad, high pitched wail, at times resembling a "Maaaaaaaa. Ma". But now, it is unmistakable and I am relishing in the sweet tones of "Mama", ringing in my ears.

I have a feeling it may have alot to do with Angus, as Felix is forced to listen to him calling out to me, day in, day out. He is bound to latch on to words that are mentioned no less than 150 times a day. When Angus was a bub, I would be dropping the Dada word around him constantly. "Dada will be home soon", "Dada's on the phone", "Dada loves you so much". I guess it's all about repetition with first words. Admittedly, Felix's first word has come as a lovely surprise. I can't see myself ever growing tired of hearing my name in those squeaky baby coo's. Ahhh, bliss.

Felix will be seven and a half months old tomorrow. The time insists on galloping past and these precious milestones are reminders for me, just how quickly they grow up. He is so exceptionally sweet natured, even when he is feeling miserable, he still manages a smile or a giggle or a cheeky squint of his big brown eyes. He is at a beautiful stage, being content to stay sitting on the floor playing and observing. He rarely protests from this position, so I plan to just enjoy his easygoing temperament, while it lasts. Now that his first word has been mastered in the vocabulary, I'm looking forward with great anticipation, to the next one.

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  1. Except now he will say it 8 million times a way. Harper adds a little whingy touch to it too just for added effect!

    Well done x


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