Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Funday

I remember the days when those first hot, sunny, Sundays following the Winter months, meant hitting the golden sands to work on my Summer tan. Because back then, a sun-kissed glow seemed so incredibly important. These days, Sundays are all about wearing an energetic two year old out, so he sleeps soundly at nap time and accompanying a four year old to yet another lovely birthday celebration for yet another little friend from preschool. My social butterfly continues to amaze me, with his ever-increasing confidence and larger than life personality. Watching him running around with his friends, taking part in magic tricks and parachute games, in the big old church hall, made me very happy indeed. And when it came time to sing Happy Birthday & cut the cake... I couldn't help but capture the sunny glow streaming through the lovely large windows. I really love these images. These are Sunday to me now.

* Thank you so very much for all the wonderful words of support and encouragement through your comments and emails, on the launch of my newest addition Button Tots. Means the world to me xoxo


  1. These types of Sunday's really are the best aren't they Julie? I love how confident Angus is, our youngest three were all shy to the point of being clingy which makes it hard for them to mingle and socialise.
    You have captured some lovely memories here.


  2. Gorgeous pics.
    It's funny how different our current definitions of a great weekend are - from years ago.
    :-) x

  3. I somehow missed the Button Tots post. Good luck in your new venture x

  4. I love Sundays too. Beautiful light in these photos Julie. xx

  5. Love the light J. Gorgeous, Just Gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful images! It's funny how much things change! Despite being busier, I think I'm more balanced now! xx


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