Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Colourful Characters

Things have turned a little 'pear' shaped around here of late. Specifically... my figure. It all came to a head last weekend when I put on my favourite jeans... and they barely did up. It was muffin top city and it was embarrassing. Those poor pants had been working overtime for a good couple of months... and I knew it. I blame Easter and it's temptations, for pushing me over the edge. Hot cross buns smothered in margarine were a lunchtime staple every day for a few weeks there. I blame my love of chocolate and lollies and ice-cream and chips and savoury biscuits and sweet biscuits and pastries and Coca-Cola. Because I do eat all of that rubbish and then some. I blame my lack of will power to not eat said foods. And my good intentions to run regularly, at the crack of dawn... they've fallen in a heap too. Because it's dark and cold and really early... and dark... and I get kinda scared running on my own. So now, I'm taking advantage of the time immediately after school drop off. Making sure I'm dressed in exercise gear when I leave the house and ready to hit the pavement, stroller out in front and one foot in front of the other. I'm going to shift this extra flab, one fat cell at a time. 

These two can be quite the handful to take anywhere at the moment. Between incessant bickering with each other and volatile mood swings directed at me, it's a nerve-wracking business going out in public. But over the Easter weekend, we all went along to the Family Show. And it was quite honestly, three and a half hours of harmonious enjoyment. They looked out for one another, laughed together, waited in lines patiently alongside of each other... and loved unconditionally. They even made Scott and I forget the fact we were just there to traipse around behind them and stand in the hot sun waiting for hours on end. It's amazing the kind of power our colourful little characters hold over us. 


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I understand about your shape, though I think I'm more of an apple myself. It's so hard to get good exercise with little ones in tow. I can't wait until I can just walk briskly without anyone slowing me down. :)

  2. Hi Julie...I understand your struggle and admire your attitude. I wasn't so persistent when my kilos piled up and they're still there! Raising kids is hard too inbetween the smiling photos..hehe!

  3. Oh hear you loud and clear both about weight and kids....both can be very debilitating if we let them....there is always another morning to start a fresh....
    I get down on myself a lot about my lack of will power with food....I even got up and went of a little jog last week...oh and I suffered all day for it...could hardly move.
    I am sure it is just a are doing fine and I bet you really are great parents so be encouraged to go easy on yourself.

  4. Oh babe - I hear you. My muffin top has additional topping. The boys look like they had a fabulous time and I cannot believe how much they have grown xx

  5. Oh my goodness, look at how grown up your two are looking Julie..just gorgeous!

    I had battled with a lack of willpower for years but thankfully, at the moment at least, I seem to have control of it. I used to power walk after school drop off with Kaizer in the stroller but now he insists on walking too and it's at a snails pace. It's made me be a bit more inventive with how I work out. We normally stop off at a park on the way home where I make the most of it while he's occupied. If I don't do it then first thing the day just runs away from me.


  6. Muffin tops do have a habit of creeping up on the best of us!! I found popping my runners at the end of my bed was a good reminder of what SHOULD be happening that day (although sometimes my eyes just glaze over in the nick of time as I walk past them!!)Stick with it......
    I love seeing all the button tops on fb - the boys look very dapper in their ones :)

  7. I don't have a muffin top, I have a CAKE TOP! I'm seriously feeing like a Heffalump at the moment, and cannot wait to start exercising again now that Harriet's feeding is established and I am not so exhausted all the time!

    And that's the problem, where do we find the time to do everything we need to do in a 24 hour period? You're right though, we just have to pick a time and go.

    Just take it one day at a time. Try to cut one thing out first, then another, then another. I am not drinking coffee anymore, and I miss it SO much. It's sugar that I need to get rid of...

    WHY IS ALL THE GOOD STUFF SO BAD FOR US?! Whambulance, haha.

    Hang in there girl. The pics of the boys are great. I was so overwhelmed at the Easter Show, I only took like 3 photos :(


  8. He, he. Those beautiful boys look like they are having a wonderful time and I'm sure they don't notice a muffin top. xo. I used to dread going out with mine all together too but something is happening now they are getting older. They are actually becoming a pleasure to take out and about!

  9. The show looks like so much fun! The dark and the cold outside and warmth inside are ruining my attempts at exercise too. Have decided to walk straight after the kinder drop off before I get back in my car! xx

  10. How wonderful is it when you are dreading doing a public outing for fear of naughty behaviour and then it all works out beautifully! So nice! And I'm with you re the exercise in the cold dark early morning! I take our dog for protection but even then, the motivation it takes to get out of bed is incredible!

  11. I love that you still go to the family show and hooray for them getting along so well.
    You are stunning J, don't ever doubt that!

  12. Hey Julie! Oh muffin tips are the worst but I cannot imagine that you even have one!! Weight sneaks up on us when we are so busy looking after everyone else's needs. Sigh. I know what you mean. I lost 9kgs last year and took up running. But with all the renovating and baking, I think I'm a little too relaxed! Motherhood is hard at the best of times, but sometimes there is a reprieve when they get along fabulously. It makes te did difficult times not as hard. Xxx

  13. What a hoot!!!

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