Saturday, September 17, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy

I received a belated birthday present from one of the lovely friends I had dinner with the other night. Every year we make each other promise that for the following year, we won't. do. presents. We both know that the promise will never hold water. We're both way too stubborn and honestly just enjoy giving one another a little something to mark the occasion. This year, I received the softest, loveliest scarf. It was the perfect choice, as I love my scarves. Wearing it to work on Thursday, gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling. The delicate scent of Chanel ensconced in the weave and the knowledge that I was wearing a gift from the heart of a dear friend. It all felt good.

I arrived to pick Angus up from preschool that afternoon and he was clutching a folded piece of paper in one hand... while eating his afternoon tea with the other hand, of course. His teacher prompted him to show me the piece of paper. On it, all crumpled and creased, a scribbly teddy bear. Made with care by Grace. For Angus. Their teacher informed me that Grace has quite the crush on Angus. He held onto the piece of paper, folded and small, all the way home and wanted to put it in a safe place where Felix wouldn't get it. Such a warm and fuzzy day. 


  1. Awww & awww!
    Both beautiful and ones to treasure.

  2. Now thats a beautiful scarf, I just love getting presents I really like the colour it will match up with anything. But that bear picture warms my heart more how beautiful it that and only in pre school xo

    Always Wendy

  3. That is quite a gorgeous scarf Julie! And I absolutely love Angus' first 'love letter'! Obviously he's a charmer... look out girls when he gets older!

  4. Awww, that is ADORABLE!

    Thank you for a feel good start to my Sunday morning :)

    I can always rely on you for that, everything you write seems to warm the heart :)


  5. The scarf is gorgeous and how precious is that note!!

  6. Mmm chanel scent in the scarf,,,,noice, love friends when we say we wont do pressies but we always do and simple is the best, I got a lovely lacey scarf from one of my Gfs too for my Bday. Dont you love the kids and there blossoming love

  7. Surprise presents are very special and extra special when you receive something as beautiful and practical as your scarf. The teddy bear story makes me mushy!

  8. Cuteness plus, Julie. We need to bottle these moments, don't we? J x

  9. Two gorgeous gifts for two equally gorgeous individuals :)


  10. Oh definitely lots of warm and fuzzies aww!!

    I'm such a scarf lover and always give them as gift. Love your new one.



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