Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings

Lately, I have been thinking about my overwhelming propensity to misplace things. Like the garlic press that has gone walk about. Without a trace, it just vanished. Or the glue stick, Angus repeatedly requested I find for him today. I put it somewhere 'safe' and have no idea where that place could be. Or the missing beater for my electric mixer, which is bound to be in a cupboard somewhere, buried under a pile of saucepans and cake tins. Sure as eggs, if I buy replacements, the ones missing in action will show up straight away. They always do. 

I don't mind chopping garlic finely by hand and I can always pass glitter glue off as substitute for a glue stick AND I have made do with one beater when baking a cake. But the disorganisation frustrates me. If everything had a place and wasn't crammed into piles and systematically shoved into every spare nook and cranny, I may have a chance of actually finding things when needed. Something to work on.

*   *   *

Over the weekend we tried Doughboy Pizza for the first time. Oh my, I don't know what took us so long to get on board the Doughboy train. As it states on the box 'quality since 1999'... so we've actually had a fair whack of time. The Hot Chick (what a great name!) was my pie of choice and it tasted soooooo good. Delicious crispy base, fresh and flavoursome topping. I do love a successful pizza find... and this one has the added bonus of the Pilsbury Doughboy adorning the boxes, cute!


  1. Losing things absolutely wrecks my head!!
    My sunglasses are currently AWOL. Hubby and I both recall seeing them *somewhere* but they haven't materialised yet.
    That pizza looks awesome - and I don't think that's because of the camera either!!!
    Happy Monday.

  2. Ah... so you have a 'somewhere safe' to put things too!

    'somewhere safe' aka The Bermuda Triangle.


  3. I think what you're talking about needing Julie is 'order'. I too am BAD at misplacing things, I can walk around the house in a daze trying to remember where I put things. I did a BIG overhaul of my closet (trying to find clothes is a whole other story), my pantry and my study during winter, and I now have a newfound respect for order. So simple yet so necessary! looks DELISH!

  4. Oh we used to have Doughboy when Rob and I first started going out! LOVED that stuff!

  5. I hate losing stuff too. Since J-Man came along I'm pretty disorganised, but the kids snaffling things up and hide things in their room so it's not entirely my fault. I bought a brand new fancy mascara two weeks ago, used it once, and now it's gone! I blame Miss E - she blames J-Man. I just want my mascara!

  6. I was once a fairly organised person. Then i had children. I'm not really sure what happened to the organised person in me. She seemed to disappear. I'm sure she will return one day...hopefully!! Oh and thanks for the Doughboy to google now to see if they are in our area...fingers crossed. Alison x

  7. Order is so hard to obtain with a mix of children and toys added to the general household! Love the Pilsbury Doughboy on the pizza lids.


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