Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Runnings

Lately, I've been feeling rather blah. I'm not sure I even like that description... blah... but it's simple and easy and when I say it out loud, it sums up how I actually feel. It has resulted in more frustration, impatience and snappiness than I care to think about. Because things just seem harder, right now. The silly part is it doesn't take much to swing me either way. Completely in control and confident, to red hot stressed out and overwhelmed.

I do realise it is just a low point and that once I'm back to full health and the weather is consistently warmer and I actually get the chance to catch up with some of my girls, it will all become much brighter. It is such a fine line Mama's walk every day. The worry of guilt, fear of failure and desire for acceptance. Versus the joy of experience, fun of involvement and warmth of love and satisfaction. I think I live the full gamut on a daily basis. That's a mighty crazy day, by anyone's definition. That is why it is so important to treasure these moments, captured today, discovering my two little guys squeezed into the washing basket. Cool runnings style. The fact it all turned pear shaped just moments after I took the shots is inconsequential. I only have to look at these to know how very lucky I am.


  1. very cute! mine are much the same. i also feel very similar to how you described right now. and like you , i know with the warmer weather i will start to feel better, slowly.
    hugs. xx

  2. Bless em!
    Hope you are feeling much more 'yee-ha' than 'blah' soon.

  3. Oh, I agree!

    Sometimes blah seems like the only appropriate word.

    But I love your positivity, and your honesty.

    And your adorable little bob-sledders :)

  4. I swing between blah and blissful too Julie and always find cleaning the house a good remedy! There's something about the easy exercise, the methodical routine of vacuuming and cleaning that allows me to just slow down and think. Odd I know. And then, of course, there's a clean house at the end of it. Not to mention the sane mama. Hope you're blah-free soon. gxo

  5. 'Eugh' is a more accurate description for me in my frame of mind just now...but then you already knew that from my blog lol!

    I would be willing to put money on the benefits of a bit more vit D from the sunshine. We're heading towards autumn over here and I can surely feel it! Right now it's lashing rain and a howling gale...won't be getting a great night's sleep tonight! (yawn)



  6. I can so relate. I am just recovering from my second bout of flu and feeling deathly. The sun is starting to peep through though which is cheering me up a bit however. You'll be ok gorgeous one. This too shall pass xxx

  7. Hang in there you beautiful Mother, just know you are doing a wonderful job with those two gorgeous boys. Smile and take some time for YOU even if it's only 10 minutes outside. Something great is coming your way I know this in my heart, you wait and see xoxo

    Always Wendy

  8. Julie I too have blah days and I do think it is the weather, ENOUGH OF THE COLD ALREADY! Tomorrow is a new day, here's hoping it is less blah and more rah!

    Gorgeous shots of your boys. Lovely. xo

  9. Oh Julie...I can so relate. Lately I feel like I have been treading water and only barely keeping my head above. Just know that these days will pass, you are raising two amazing little boys and doing such a fine job of it :)

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous little guys! Agree with the blah feeling, thankfully the sun is returning and so is our energy.

    Hope you get some of your zing back soon. xoxox

  11. I know these feelings too well! I'm all over the place at the moment, too. I'm trying to enjoy the upcoming birthdays and anniversary without stressing out too much over everything!!

    Gorgeous photos, as always.

  12. I can totally relate to that 'blah' feeling. I'm so glad the Spring sunshine has arrived so I can get out and enjoy the world. Screw the laundry - Spring is here!!

  13. You have just described many a mother's typical day in that one word! I often feel like it's a fine line too!

    I love moments like these. My boys often climb into the laundry basket and have giggles.

    Times to treasure hey? And hopefully it makes things less "blah".



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