Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flying Solo

I am almost certain that the boys would eat their weight in blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, watermelon and mandarins, if I let them. I have never struggled to get either of them to gobble down plates of fruit, which I'm actually quite happy and relieved about. I don't know what I would do if they didn't like fruit. They'd definitely go a little hungrier, as I'm a meanie pants with the processed sweet foods. Being the expert Mama that I am, I'm not even entirely sure just how much is too much to be letting them munch on. But I'm not about to curb their enthusiasm.

It was a rather restless weekend, with the emergence of a nasty big molar burrowing through Felix's poor little swollen gums. He was irritable, out of sorts and majorly clingy. We also had Scott away for 3 nights. On the annual golf weekend with the boys. The time actually flew by, with plenty of things to keep us busy. Truth is, I actually kind of relished my evenings. Once the boys were settled and it was just me, the tele and my apple mac companion. Whilst I wouldn't want to be flying solo regularly, once in while, it's not only manageable, but quite enjoyable.

Though I didn't realise quite how much I'd missed Scott until he arrived home. The chatting, the laughter. Cuddles and companionship. It's easy to forget just how important these little things are, when I'm focused on going to work, being Mama, maintaining a household, catching up with precious family and friends. Then savouring that tiny bit of 'me' time at the end of the day. It's amazing how time apart can often crystallize just how much you need someone. In fact the time alone with my two boys was also very special. I'm definitely head over heels for ALL of my boys.


  1. Mmmm. Fruit!!
    Magoo is a fruit munching machine too.
    I love seeing him choose an apple over another less healthy choice.
    We must be on the same wavelength somewhere tonight. I've just hit publish on a gushy post about my man and how happy I am that's he not working away at the moment!!
    The first few days are refreshing for me, the one week point manageable and anything beyond about ten days breaks me!!!
    I've decided there's no shame in that, though.
    Thanks for reinforcing that.

  2. Man, that fruit looks so good!

    Me time is so important to ones mental health.

    and so is hubby time ;)

  3. How beautiful are your boys. No wonder you're smitten!

    Me time is very important to me too and I also like one on one time with Amelie.

    It's nice to strike a balance.

    Ps - I wish Amelie ate lots of fruit. She is very hit and miss.

  4. I'm going to come back to this post when Dave heads to NZ on his " man trip" to see the rugby, haha!

    I love that your little boys guzzle fruit. I feel the same way re: processed food. I figure, they have their whole life to eat the bad stuff, so why not push the good stuff for as long as you can :)

  5. Thankfully our children have not been fussy when it comes to food full stop :)

    Me time as well as couple time is so important but something we still struggle to find a balance with.


  6. oh mine love fruit too, it costs me a fortune the amount they eat! {but i don't mind at all!}
    Love my quiet nights too occasionally, but like you i am always happy when hubby returns. xx

  7. Your boys are so cute.
    My kids eat lots of fruit too which is fantastic because I am not so great at eating fruit - must get their good habits from their Dad. I'm more of a cake and biscuits kinda gal!

  8. Mine only eat bananas... $12.98 per kilo bananas!!!

    And I'm with you on those occasional on your own at night times sessions! Control over the tv, computer on my lap and a bag of m&ms not to far away!

  9. I am a little (ok, very) jealous that your boys eat so much fruit. Sometimes I think my little girl is making a lifestyle choice to be an "air-ian", although sometimes (completely randomly and without warning) thankfully she will eat watermelon and strawberries.

    Have also just written about the enjoyable moments of flying solo..but isn't it great when they come home.

  10. Julie I totally understand, although I miss the LOML when his away but I also enjoy the silence to spend time with my own thoughts, I think we all need this once in a while, just as we are grateful when they return.

    My little ones love fruit too I’m glad as the benefit is enormous to their health.I just so love the photos of your boys they bring a smile to my face every time xo

    Always Wendy


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