Wednesday, September 7, 2011


While I'm still very much a resident of struggle street this week, there are glimmers of light each and every day. I hold onto them with passion and appreciation. The sun has shone brightly and the rain has decided to fall only in the evenings. My favourite kind of rain. I love when it knows it's place and not to go messing around with my Spring sunshine.

A day in the backyard at my parent's place, while the boys entertained themselves (and us!) with the ride on fire engine Angus has been scooting around on since he was Felix's age. Zooming from one end of the yard to the other. Felix in the driver's seat, Angus the man power behind the speed and distance. My word they were cute and they gave Mama and I endless giggles. Days like these are just sweet honey for the soul.

I finally purchased a new camera which also gave me a bit of a thrill. Nothing super flash, but a decent little Canon digital, that has all the functions I need right now AND takes a lovely snap shot. Best part was I used some birthday vouchers given to me by my generous brother. So the camera ended up costing a good deal less. And of course, with the weather being so glorious, it's given us the opportunity for a couple of leisurely strolls to the local parks and shops. Just taking our time, breathing in the fresh Spring air and enjoying the moments when we're far away from the woes of struggle street.


  1. Beautiful pics.
    It's so great that you can find the positive and gorgeous even when you're having a hard time.
    Hooray for Springtime!

  2. Ah so nice to have a new camera, your snaps look great! xx

  3. When I am struggling with days like that I too try to find beauty and happiness in the little things around me :)
    Gorgeous pics Julie.

  4. Struggle street's a right bitch! Hope you turn a corner soon.

    I love that you can find all the small things though that keep your heart zinging! It doesn't take much with those gorgeous boys of yours.

  5. Lovely photos Julie. I love the first one peering through the trees, and the one with the sun glistening on your son's hair. I find focusing on the simple joys and living in the moment works for me in difficult times. I'm glad you had a belly laugh and got to find beauty through your lens. xo

  6. You really do take such a beautiful photo Julie!

    I love them all, and had a smile picturing you and your mama smiling at your 2 boys in the afternoon sun :)

    Your boys will read these stories one day & know exactly how loved they truly are.


  7. Oh I so understand what you said in the first paragraph (but probably wouldn't have said it so beautifully!!. Yay on the new camera. More beautiful photos. Now Georgie (SJW) is having her bloggy rest I'll have to get my beautiful photo fix here :O)

  8. Your pictures are wonderful! I have a Canon point and shoot too and think they are brilliant cameras.

    Happy snapping and happy Spring!

    Best wishes,

  9. You are so positive despite feeling so awful! (Love how you put it!)

    And there's nothing better than a new camera that fits into your handbag that you can take anywhere. Hello lots more photos! And I have a Canon Ixus and LOVE it. I take all my photos with it!

    Happy snapping (and I hope you turn the corner from struggle street to sunshine street soon). xx

  10. Wow look at those eyelashes on your little man love them and that photo!! Great something special came to you...your new camera don't worry there is more to come! The park shots are great Julie hope we see more! I love my camera and take it everywhere.

    More Lovely days ahead my friend xo

    Always Wendy

  11. I hope that as spring warms up you will be able to shake off the winter drearies and lurgies and feel better. Lovely pics Julie..I hope today is a good day for you!

  12. Very pretty pictures!!
    Just keep taking photos until you feel better. :)

  13. Looks like a you beaut camera to me Jules...good skills! Isn't spring the best!! Your two little munchkins are adorable ; ) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend lovely x

  14. Oh Julie. I *get* Struggle St, regrettably. I empathise, you sweet soul. You are a marvel for staying so upbeat and positive, regardless. Good for you, my friend. J x

  15. Boy you can tell the difference with the new camera. The picture is sharper and the colors are more vibrant.

    Spring is a beautiful time of year. We are entering our fall. It has just started to get crisp out there.


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