Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blustery days

The winds have been strong here this week. Almost unpleasantly forceful. As far as wind is concerned, I prefer a gentle breeze. On days like these, I find myself nervously glancing out of our kitchen sky window, just willing the thick, large branches of the gum tree out the back, to stay. put. Whipping leaves around, swaying back and forth, teasing me with it's enormity. After our day outdoors, I feel decidedly wind swept also, with the tell tale chapped lips and ruddy cheeks to show for it. Though it was really nice, having special guest star Daddy home with us today.

Which meant I was able to steal away for an hour first thing this morning, to do a beach run. It's been a few weeks since my last run, so it felt good to work the muscles again. A perfect day for washing... and I washed up a storm! Much to Angus' delight, as he ran around and around the sheets drying on the line. We had fish and chips for lunch at the beach and then spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing at the park.

Then I caught the unmistakable scent of jasmine in the air. Sure enough, the first bloom of the year that I have been waiting for... sort of in my neighbours yard... but nevertheless, I'm reaping the benefits and appreciating every whiff. Bits of Spring loveliness, on a blustery September day.


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous day - minus the wind factor.
    I'm not a 'fan' either.
    Pardon the pun!

  2. Great photos! I especially love the one where he is playing around the clothesline :)

    Spring is a great time of year.

    I am heading into the fall season. I love the change of seasons.


  3. How was that wind??!! We had lots of branches come off our gum tree, thankfully no big ones. Looks like a great day though!

  4. Oh the simple joy that children find in the everyday things..all our children loved running through a line full of washing :)
    I was fortunate enough to get a whiff of jasmine on the weekend....bliss. Have not smelt it since being at my parents a few years ago :)


  5. hehe...the word verification said uramess (u r a mess) which I quite literally am having just gotten up I am still in my jammies with bed hair and likely bad breath :)

    just saying :p


  6. It sure was windy! Robert and I took the dog for a walk around Lake Macquarie and nearly got blown away!
    Sandra x

  7. Photos are cracking :o) We have our own share of bluster here in Northern Ireland but minus the beautiful blue skies! In fact, it looks like we're hitting the miserable old 'grey' season again. Grey skies, grey rain, grey light...



  8. Oh, Julie! How you have me pining for Sydney right now with the memory of that first smell of jasmine each year - the moment we knew summer was on its way. *Sigh*. Time to plant some here, I think! Glorious photos. J x

  9. Hello dear friend so happy to hear you took some time for you and went for a lovely run on the beach. I'm really enjoying your beautiful photos.

    Always Wendy x

  10. I LOVE jasmine. The scent is divine. I have one on our side fence but my dear husband planted a big hedge in front of it and I can't see it anymore... *sniff*

    Your photos are beautiful... :)

  11. The wind has been fierce here today too, i dont like it one bit! glad you got out for a run. xx


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