Friday, September 16, 2011

Giggling Gertie

I don't often film videos. Usually I'm too busy snapping away with the still shots to think about shooting video footage. But the other day, at the park, I witnessed an opportunity to good to miss. So I filmed it. The boys had been at it long before I started filming and they continued long after I stopped. Though I am so glad I did decide to capture 1 of the 20 or so minutes of fun & frivolity that took place. Watching over it this evening for the first time since I shot it, I couldn't help but have a giggle myself. There is something extremely infectious about a baby's laughter. And something quite adorable about a three and a half year old's voice.

So whilst it was a learning experience uploading and saving a video file to youtube and I am not quite certain who this apparent technologically savvy Mama is, these are the moments that make the toils of Mamahood so worthwhile. The long days, long nights, trying weeks. All forgotten, after a minute of seeing giggling gertie and his big bro at play. 


  1. Just sublime, Julie. Good mama for remembering to film this. How precious. J x

  2. Gorgeous video, so good you captured it. They will be giggling over this video for years, I reckon, many years.

  3. Ahhh, what a beautiful start to my day. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

    They look like great friends xoxox

    Happy weekend!


  4. Thar's just so adorable.
    It must be heartwarming for you to watch.
    Keep it handy for those less giggly moments in time, perhaps?!


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