Friday, April 20, 2012

The Straw

This week has been a wild old one. The weather, the behaviour, the moods. Just all round scattiness. And it's made me uneasy. I genuinely love what I do. Relish in the moments, big and small. Feel so incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity of being home with my boys. I'm a lucky gal... and I know it. But the relentless nature of what I do, every so often, gets me down. Becomes too much. Too intense. Too suffocating. Just knowing when and how to breathe at times like this, is essential. Trying to stay rational and centred, is an added bonus. 

We spent a lovely day with my Mama today. Sure, we had a couple of meltdowns along the way. But overall a really enjoyable walk around the harbour, some lunch, an icecream and even catching a bit of street theatre. Then, getting on the bus to come home, a lady was rude to me. She pushed past me, Angus and a sleeping Felix in the stroller, as I struggled to navigate the tight entrance to the bus. Muttering something in a cranky tone as she went. I wondered in that instant, had she ever had children or does she have grandchildren? I know for certain, my Nana would never and my Mama wouldn't treat anyone that way. So when I approached her once I'd boarded the bus and she was in the process of whinging to another passenger about 'mother's with prams'... I saw red. I confronted her on whether she honestly had a problem with my pram and she snapped coldly, something about 'just wanting to get on the bus'. So I called her a 'nasty old woman' and went back to my seat.

She would have been in her sixties, so not really that old. But at that point, I was so taken back and blown away by her rudeness, I wanted her to realise her actions and words were uncalled for. And maybe hurt her feelings a bit in the process. It seems the nasty old woman crossed me on a bad week. I very much doubt I would normally react in such a way. Sometimes though, these people are the straw that breaks the camel's back. And so whilst it didn't make me feel any better saying it, it did help me to realise I need to chill out. Let this week and all of it's petty stresses go. Focus on the good things in life and bear in mind the wonderful days, when I encounter only nice people. Days like the one captured in the shots below... last week at The Family Show, with great friends.


  1. Poor you, people can be so mean can't they?

  2. Oh Sweetheart. I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rough trot. I would have seen red as well. I hope some of that elusive Sydney sunshine heads your way over the weekend to lift your spirits. J x

  3. Goodness! She was indeed a nasty old woman. Perhaps next time she'll think about her actions and not be so nasty after your words with her?? Here's hoping. I don't like people who are rude and judgemental, but I'm the type of person that keeps her mouth shut, even when I've got steam coming out my ears! I really dislike old people who jump queues just because they think they can get away with it. I really wish I could say my peace sometimes, it helps at keeping us sane I think!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend to make up for a crappy week. x

  4. Hey, sometimes it's okay to stand up for yourself (and your boys), Julie.
    Don't feel too bad.
    Even though it's out of character - there's nothing wrong with calling someone on their rudeness.
    I hope the weekend brings you greater peace and lots more of those precious moments pictured.
    :-) xxxxxx

  5. Oh I know how you feel. Being at home with little ones is lovely, but it's also relentless, boring, hard and wearing. Ive been a bit the same this week, the weather certainly hasn't helped.

    I'm constantly amazed at people's rudeness especially towards my kids. I hate it when they are pushed out of the way. How hard is it to be a little patient and offer a smile?
    When I get frustrated I try and remember that maybe there's more going on and treat them with kindness.
    I hope the next few days are better.

  6. Some people really are just plain rude! When I was on holidays recently, I went out for a coffee with my three year old boy. We were walking past one cafe and he said "let's go here for coffee mummy", an older gentleman was sitting outside with his wife and gave my son the nastiest look. His wife said "you had better watch it love, one day a mum is going to say something to you if you keep on looking at kids like that". I just turned to his wife and smiled, and she smiled back. Oh, if only I had said something to him, but there was no need - his wife knew I had heard what she had said.
    These people need to just hold their breathes and fake a smile if necessary, there is no time for moments like these in the world.
    Well done for being a strong mamma and saying something. Parenting is a trying but rewarding job!

  7. Good on you for standing up and saying something Julie, it's far better to get it off your chest and move beyond it than it is so stew on it.
    I hope the coming week is a kinder one :)

  8. When I was expressing my very same snaping point with a friend one day, she said "that lady was obviously your straw but rememeber that you could have been hers too". We all have moments, well done not letting her ruin your week :0) (enjoying following along!)

  9. Rudeness of any kind shouldn't be ignored, I think. You were right to stand up for yourself and what a great example to the boys.... um, maybe except for the put down! But I really do think it's important that they saw you stand up for yourself. x

  10. Hello dearest one so lovely to be back visiting you, I’m enjoying catching up on your posts and seeing those gorgeous boys of yours. I could not have let such a comment or actions pass me by either if we as mothers don’t stand up for our children no one else will, well done! I hope your weekend is filled with more happier and fun moments my friend.

    Always Wendy

  11. J, that is so out of character so you must have been at breaking point! Good on your for standing up for yourself. Sometimes it takes something like that for us to take stock and realise we need to breathe!
    You may have been just what she needed to do the same.

  12. I wish I could stand up to the meanies too. Kudos to you! You're very lucky but it doesn't make it any less of a hard job. You do an amazing job of it! Great photos, pure joy mama! Xx

  13. Love your sweet boys and the gelled fringes! Rude ladies will get their own karma!

  14. I can't stand rudeness!! Looks like lots of fun though. And I love your new blog look Julie! fab! xx


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