Friday, April 6, 2012

Art Appreciation

So, I didn't expect such an extreme reaction to the end of daylight savings, but it seems this week, I received the unexpected. Turning the clocks back one measly hour has turned our household on it's ear. Or more so, turned Felix on his ear. Add to the disruption, a couple of new molars driving through his delicate gums and it's all been a tad hard to take. The poor babe is moody, irritable and completely irrational. Screaming at the drop of a hat at anything and everything. And waking multiple times during the night, before commencing his day around 5am. Exhausting.

As always, there are sparkly glimmers of light amongst the stress and chaos. Like Tuesday. After preschool drop off, Felix and I hopped on a bus, city bound. We met with a friend at the Art Gallery. A superb, sun shiny day being the perfect backdrop for our adventure. As a primary school teacher, this friend is fantastic with children. It's always so nice to have friends who 'get' kids. And I love her to bits for it. As it happened, Felix slept for almost three hours in his pram that day and only woke for a wander in the park on our way home (ironic how he can catch up on all his lost night sleep with a sneaky nap during the day).

Our intention was to view the Archibald Prize portraits... but it appeared to also be the intention of every school in the city. Literally hundreds of children flooded every square inch of the gallery. So instead, we put the Archibald on the back burner, for another day and took in the Art Express exhibition. My word there are some talented young people out there. I was blown away by their creativity, passion and understanding of the world around them. Refreshing to see intelligent work receiving the recognition it deserves. I selected so many favourites, though the gorgeous series of four painted sweet treats just blew my mind. The colour, texture and detail, all truly magnificent... and delicious. The future of art certainly looks bright.


  1. Julie I sooo hear you on the value of having friends who 'get' kids! Hallelujah to them!!

    I'd love to see an Art Express exhibit. These pieces look amazing!!

  2. I love going to the Art Gallery with Amelie - always feels like a real outing - with lots to see and keep everyone entertained (mum and bub).

    I hope those molars make their way through quickly for you xox

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day. It is amazing how talented these young people are.. love that sweet treats painting.

  4. What a fabulous afternoon, we just visited the Mona art gallery in Hobart, mmmm. Very unusual, but the wine tour was fab.x

  5. Daylight savings has also wreaked havoc on this house! I feel your pain lovely, I really do!

    We're also growing some molars too. Feel that pain also :)

    But my ... how he's GROWN!

    You tell the most beautiful tales of motherhood, you really do.


  6. one of my favourite places to be julie. visiting next week actually. i enjoyed reading your words of appreciation for such amazing works. i missed out by a scraping being in the art express exhibition myself. they were looking for variety and chose a table over my 6 painted works. they already had enough to hang. not to worry. it was enough knowing they even thought of me. i think art express is a wonderful idea for students. have a very happy easter. xo.

  7. Ah, your little guy is so sweet! Hope he adjusts to daylight savings time soon for you :) Glad you had such a nice day out, the exhibition looks impressive! xo K

  8. Oh my gawd, some of those pieces are amazing. There are some very talented people in the world.

    And friends who 'get' kids... They are worth their weight.

    Hope the adjustment has already happened for you. Happy Easter x

  9. OMG, you singled out a girl from my old school, Ravenswood, yay!! I loved Art Express, when i didn't get in, my teachers argued i should have, i didn't mind so much, got full marks in the HSC for art anyway, what really matters?? I went on to do 2 science degrees, not art!! Shame, it's where i ended up soon enough, a career out of my creativity.
    Such amazing piece of art at Art Express, wow, wish i could visit too. I actually play class mum when our children go to the many museum & art gallery trips here in Canberra, best of both worlds, love Posie

  10. what a great exhibition! love the photos you have taken & shared with us!! thank you x

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