Monday, April 9, 2012

Lovely Days

I can not help but love, this time of year. A definitive vibe in the air. A mood. A sense of togetherness. Friends and family and celebration. Easter most certainly has a feel. And Easter two thousand and twelve, has been no exception. We have enjoyed the most wonderful long weekend. The kind I'd like to see keep on going and going... but then, that would be greedy.

On Easter Saturday, we were invited to a three course lunch, catered by dear friends, in their home. A truly splendid day, in every possible way. Sun shining, an abundance of scrumptious food, ten delightfully spirited children bounding around, lots of chit chat and laughter. A fabulous Easter egg hunt to round the afternoon off perfectly. As much a joy for the adults to witness, as it was for the littlies to take part in. 

Today, we were lucky enough to be invited to yet another delicious lunch, with more dear friends (Thanks Jen). Another perfect afternoon in the sunshine, watching our darling young ones relishing in each other's company... and the company of the cutest, pint sized bundle of energy... a new puppy. Beautiful, unforgettable moments, I honestly want to hold close to my heart forever. I am feeling especially blessed after this weekend. Having friends who make us feel as special, as ours do, is a gift in itself. 

Easter Saturday

Easter Monday


  1. Oh JULIE!

    These photos were the real joy!

    Just divine ... !

    I too, ADORE Easter!

    For reasons that these photos seem to completely represent :)


  2. What a super special weekend.
    The joy just radiates here.
    :-) xxx

  3. Fantastic Weekend J, no wonder you want it to keep going and going! Gorgeous photos too! xoxo

  4. What a gorgeous weekend Julie!! Love your photos! xx

  5. It looks like a fabulous weekend Julie. You have a lovely blog and I am so pleased that I found it. xx

  6. Long lunches that someone else has cooked on sunny days with added chocolate and happy kids - I'd want that to go on forever too! Sounds like a perfect weekend Julie!

  7. How good is it to capture the of the pros of blogging, something to remember for years to come now that you have documented this wonderful memories.x

  8. Just precious, Jules. The warmth just radiates from the screen, you clever mama. J x

  9. Beautiful Julie, it's so true that easter has a special feel and it looks like you and your little ones made the very most of it!! Beautiful photo's and words

    xxxxxx em

  10. What a gorgeous Easter and the attention to detail on the place tags wre just beautiful. Xxx


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