Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Show Memories

I have been going to the Easter Show for as long as I can remember. As a child, it really seemed like the greatest show on earth. In recent years, it has become more apparent that the Show is losing some of it's lustre. Viewing it from the perspective of a Mama and the actual changing face of the show itself, have no doubt contributed to this feeling. There was a time when it was all about the samples, the giveaways, the freebies. Children were welcomed with open arms and made to feel special regardless of the size of their parent's wallets. Much of that spirit and generosity has fallen by the wayside. Maybe it's a sign of the times. 

My Mama and I decided to take the boys along this year and we rolled up nice and early last Thursday, for opening day. Because I am acutely aware of the giant money pit that is the Show nowadays, I was determined to make the most of the simple things on offer. Displays showcasing the incredible talent, magnificent creativity and delightful produce, this country has to offer. The various 'hands on' experiences dotted throughout... the boys even managed to dig for vegetables in purpose built vegie patches. All the beautiful animals, primped and groomed and looking lovely for judging. The farmyard nursery, an instant hit with Angus... for Felix who was terrified of the 'free range' set up of the animals in the venue, not so much.

I packed food and drinks, so the only purchase in that domain was an icecream. We avoided rides. Did not set foot in the showbag pavilion, as neither of the boys even have the slightest idea of the showbag concept anyway. And the one and only keepsake I allowed Nana to buy them, was a colourful pinwheel each. Which they loved. And they had a ball... and we had a ball watching them. When quizzed about his favourite part of the day, Angus will answer without hesitation "parking on level 7 of the big whirly car park... we drove down, down, round and round all the ramps!" No. joke. Whilst he does go on to reflect on various other moments, his primary memory is of the darn carpark. Any guilty feelings I may of had about being too frugal, go straight out the window. And it's just as well I keep this blog as a record of all the 'other' things enjoyed on the day.


  1. This is super cute! I would love to take my girls to this show one day. I could imagine how certain things have changed over the years but I guess it happens with everything. At least not too much can change with the animals!!x

  2. So true J, not much free any more! I think I'll wait til Bub is a bit older til we head down for a show trip, but we will be taking the frugal option as well, especially as entry will be a big enough hit for all of us to go!
    Such lovely memories in your photos. You can come visit for your real farm experience any time you know, no show bags or giveaways here though!!

  3. We went today and now I'm exhausted! I had every intention of packing a picnic to save some dollars but ran out of time dammit! The food was much better than I recalled, though just as expensive! The kids raided their piggy banks and bought a show bag each. I'm so tired now. Huge day!!

  4. lovely photos and memories! I just loved how the car park was a favorite. It's reminiscent of the box being the best part of an expensive gift!

  5. I love your sentiment here.
    So much of our family life is dictated by 'buying' fun for our kids.

    In my day....!!!!!
    Gorgeous pics of a beautiful day.
    (But sadly, none of the carpark!!)
    :-) xxx

  6. We haven't done the show with the kids yet. When I heard how much it was just to get through the gate I was put off.

    I think you did it the right way and sounds like you had a ball. Gorgeous pix of your gorgeous boys xx

  7. I had to laugh at this Julie as some of my favourite memories are of dad driving to the top storey of a carpark and 'spinning' as I called it all the way to the bottom. The simplest pleasures are always the most cherished :)

  8. good one!! Im desperate to go with Fern this year... she's never been, and I havnt been for years! I think Id be fairly frugal too....... but that doesn't mean I would buy something ridiculous from the show bag pavilion. I wouldn't be able to stop myself!! Ive never been one for rides though. And I think Fern would just be happy seeing all the animals, sitting like a queen in the pram (normally reserved for her brother) and the odd bit of fairy floss!! Glad you had such a great day..... xx

  9. I love your approach Julie. So sensible and perfect. Kids don't need all the showy show bags, rides and toys. We went to the mini-version at Fox Studios and Oliver was content with the animals and a bouncy castle. Looks like your boys had a ball. Love the idea of digging for veggies too. How cute. x


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