Monday, April 16, 2012

Ebb and Flow

Most days, Scott sends me an email or text message, just to see how the day is going. Invariably, he will also ask how are the boys? And most days, I reply with something like... hectic, but good. Today however, my response went something like this... They're breaking me down and crushing my spirit. Today, that is honestly how I felt. For a fair proportion of the day, I floundered. Drowning beneath a deluge of screaming, crying, cleaning, arguing, shouting, flouncing, cleaning, sulking, tantruming, back chatting, nursing, comforting, cleaning and putting out fires all over the place, to prevent further chaos. Just one of 'those' days all Mama's go through, from time to time.

Angus received a belated birthday present over the weekend from his lovely aunty and uncle. It has been an absolute hit with both boys. And I have to admit, it's been a bit of a saviour for me too, being a toy they can share. Because as often as they are bickering and squabbling, there are plenty of moments when they are amicable and friendly and totally adorable with each other. I took some candids last night to illustrate for my sister-in-law how much fun the boys were having with her thoughtful gift. So today, I have referred back to them on more than a few occasions, to remind me that in fact I do have a pair of charming little boys, underneath it all.


  1. It does get better!
    I spent years feeling like that when my older ones were the same ages and came to the conclusion that I just had to be out. Anywhere. In the house they were a night mare and drove me demented but out they were fine. As you can imagine this wasn't always possible in sunny Scotland! Thank goodness for any toys, games and, heaven forbid, tv programs(!), that give you some peace!
    Hope your week gets better,
    Sandra xx

  2. Sounds like you got through the day- sometimes so nice to get them into bed! Lovely to end on a positive note, sharing some photos of your beautiful boys playing happily!

  3. That toy does look awesome!

    And oh, some days are diamonds - and others are that lump of coal that needs to be under pressure to turn into a diamond. Glad you got through it x

  4. i am so feeling you in the first paragraph! isn't it amazing you can have the most crap day, then moments happen (such as the photos depict) & it gives you breathing room to smile & realise what wonderful boys you truly do have. i love how the photos depict them interacting naturally - beautiful!!! do you mind me asking what is the age gap between the boys?

  5. I have lots of flouncing and yelling with mine too even the teenagers somehow we make it thru but boy they test us!! xx I do like the word flouncing..

  6. Julie- i've had a week of this. I just can't get on top. You are not alone.

    xo em

    p.s I love your writing. So honest, genuine and inspiring!

  7. Oh Jules. You darling girl. You are not alone at all. This has been my past week with the 3 pixies. Thank goodness school and daycare start again tomorrow! J x

  8. Oh man.

    Hell yea.

    I know those days.

    Those days are not good. But that's why these photos ARE good :)

    A reminder of your charming little guys (on their good days) :)

    How sweet of Scott to check in xx

  9. Oh, Julie.
    Those days are the pits.
    There seems to be a lot of whining, whinging, fighting, squabbling and testing of Mums' thresholds going on around the place at the moment.
    I hope the planets realign and your gorgeous two little men are back on board tomorrow.
    Such sweet pics - and a terrific reference on yukky days.
    :-) xxx

  10. Your boys are gorgeous!!

    Seems like somethings in the air, shit week was had here too.

    Kids sick, husband busy at work, no "me" time and stressed to the max!

    Chin up hun,


  11. Yes those days are horrible. My boy is about to enter the teenage years and we are trying to have a baby but sometimes I wonder whether I can go through it all again. My nephew is staying with us for a week at the moment and he is a great kid, very helpful and very curious but I am finding that exhausting enough! Looking at your photos of the boys reminds of how wonderful it is to be a mum and despite the tiredness and those hard days, I think, yes I do want to do it all over again. xx

  12. When I have such days Julie, I remind myself that it's all a season and this too shall pass.
    Hope today is a better day for you :)
    p.s loving the new look

  13. Oh I am hearing you...we too are discovering the meaning of 'sibling' at the moment. When it is good it is good, but when it is know the rest....As long as the good outweigh the bad.x

  14. Sibling rivalry is such a killer! All it takes though is that one teeny moment when they are being nice to each other to make it all better - at the moment for us it's Oscar helping Matilda change into knickers first thing in the morning so she doesn't have to leave her wet nappy on!

  15. I feel your pain J! We're having one of those weeks! Day Care day today provides a little respite for everyone!
    It's nice though to get those lovely moments of happy playing together, they're what keep us going.

  16. Oh boy those days are tough but I'm sure just one look at your beautiful boys playing must buck your spirits. Your photos are beautiful! xx


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