Monday, April 23, 2012

Farewell Baby Thumb

We all breathed a small sigh of relief at the return of preschool today. I love having my biggest boy around and miss him when he's not nipping at my heels, but he NEEDS preschool these days. He's no longer the thoroughly dependent baby I held back from day care until three years of age. Nor is he the shy fellow I agonised over changing preschools for, at the end of last year. The reality is, he has grown so much this past year. In size and stature. Bursting with confidence and enthusiasm. 

I'm glad I captured a few shots of 'Baby Thumb' while the phase lasted. It is one of those adorable things I'd like to remember... but a dependency I knew had to run it's course, sooner than later. So as the habitual wrapping of the thumb has gradually slipped away, without fuss, I'm both relieved and a little saddened. Baby Thumb, we will always hold a special place for you, in our hearts. And we'll cherish these memories forever. 

Angus & 'Baby Thumb' ...three years of age


  1. Farewell Baby Thumb! We will miss you!
    How cool is Angus the dude in that pic!
    We also breathed a sigh of relief with the start of school today. Hope Angus had a good day.

  2. It sounds like your cute little dude is growing up before your eyes!

  3. Awww.
    The end of an era!
    And such a cute era!
    But just the beginning of so much more.
    :-) xxx

  4. Do I smell separation anxiety? :)
    Aaawww...bye baby thumb!
    Our kids grow up so fast, don't they?

  5. Oh my, that is the cutest wee thing ever! What a gentle hearted boy you have

  6. That is just a wee bit too adorable. Look how lovingly it was wrapped in that tissue! Gorgeous boy... with or without Baby Thumb!


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