Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Afternoon Strolling

In the afternoon, following Felix's nap, we stroll. Well, we begin with a stroll and then like a couple of frenetic puppies, the boys tear off ahead of me. And our stroll becomes a jog. I started this ritual a couple of weeks back, when it became clear to me that the hours between nap time and bed time are often a recipe for disaster. Too much indoor play is not a good scene for this boisterous duo. So we wander down streets and avenues and lanes. Occasionally, we stop at a local park for a play, but mainly it's all about the exploration. Which keeps me on my toes, as I hustle them out of driveways and front yards and off front steps. The workout tires them nicely and induces a sense of calm in their behaviour.

Yesterday was a particularly long session and they both had sweaty brows and rosy cheeks by the time we rounded the corner of our street for home. I'm glad we made the effort, because today the rain has been teeming down. A complete contrast to the glorious Autumn days we have been experiencing. By the time the weather improves, we will all be itching to get strolling again.


  1. I admire you, Jules, for doing this. Such wanderings would drive me batty. You are such a fabulous mama for giving them these wonderful opportunities to explore their neighbourhood. J x

  2. I love it!
    Magoo and I would love to join you!
    :-) xx

  3. That's awesome! I did exactly the same thing when my energetic girls were little. I had to in fact, or I just wouldn't be able to cope with them! Actually not much has changed...I've just swapped neighborhood walks for swimming and gymnastics training!

  4. I used to do this alot, love little boy wanderings- I have to bribe them to come with me now at 12,15 &17.

  5. Love it J! That's what I miss about living in town - exploring the neighbourhood. We're going to come walking with you when we next visit, although not sure my girls would keep up with your boys!!
    We do go for walks around the house paddock collecting feathers and bugs and rocks, any further and I just can't cope in summer with the snake fear, winter we do lots of walks to the mailbox and back.

  6. I love how the power of some neighbourhood roaming has the ability to instill a sense of calm, it a technique that has worked wonders in our household over the years.
    Isn't it amazing to also be able to see the world through the eyes of our little ones?

  7. I love a good stroll around ... the kids love collecting treasures and I love having a sticky beak in peoples gardens. A bit of fresh air does wonders doesn't it!


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