Friday, December 9, 2011


In 2008, a tradition was born and this week, it continued, for the fourth year running. I'm not exactly sure how long I will be able to sustain it. I'm expecting the boys will put a stop to it long before I'm ready to. I'll just wait and see. The annual Christmas photo has become decidedly more tricky to capture these past two years. Juggling two personalities, two facial expressions, two thresholds of tolerance. Hence why this year was a particularly haphazard attempt. Lots of laughing, face pulling, cuddles and kisses, rumbles and tumbles. If I ever tried to achieve the perfect shot, I would go bonkers. So just as well, I don't. If anything, I'm just content to choose a half decent one to print out with a little Christmas message. Then pop a copy in the Chrissy cards for family and friends. I guess herein lies the trouble with some traditions, they're difficult to break. 

Immediately post photo shoot, we had an incident, with my wild boy Felix being the main culprit. A playful wrestle on the lounge, turned to a rather nasty nip on Angus' soft and juicy cheek. A major scene ensued. Angus bawling hysterically, Felix sobbing uncontrollably (he cannot handle being chastised) and a poor wounded cheek, with a perfect imprint of one very frustrated toddler's sharp fangs. I felt so deeply for my Angus, in pain and in shock, as I cleaned up the area with dettol and Bepanthen. Days later, he still carries a considerable bruise to show for it. These two monkey's are most certainly a couple of cards. 


  1. Oh Julie, great pics!!

  2. Oh gosh they are just adorable. I know how much I adore my brother, they will love that bond when they are older. Gorgeous Jules. xo

  3. Awwww.
    They ARE the perfect shots.

  4. They're all gorgeous shots - really captures the age and their loving relationship. Could you use them all as a collage?

  5. Gorgeous boys, lovely pics. Enjoy your weekend.x

  6. love the last pic! how gorgeous are your little cards : ) sounds like a "charlie bit my finger" moment post photo shoot! alison x

  7. oh so cute! Best mates forever, you must be one proud mumma.x

  8. I never noticed before that you have a brown eyed one and a blue eyed one! So do I!!

    Love love LOVE the pics. Just so adorable!!

    That reminds me...better do mine! :)

  9. Gorgeous boys...look at those big brown eyes. Love this tradition!

    Oh and the biting...we have been there...a few times with the girls. Hard not to get upset by it.

    xoxox I have missed this lovely space.

  10. Oh! JULIE!

    Every single one of them has to be used!

    They're GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Those pictures tell more than a thousand words ...

    By the way, I actually laughed out loud when you wrote 'two thresholds' ... Hilarious!

    You really are the most amazing mama to 2 boys :)

  11. I love getting those cards and photos J. I also love to still send cards (without the photo as that's too much of a challenge for me). Lovely pics of your handsome boys, where's the picture of the bruise though??

  12. You've done well! They're very, very cute & I love the t-shirts
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  13. oh the photos just made me smile, they are so grogeous. I love that second last one. Priceless!
    Now you just have to find a way to use them all :) xx

  14. Julie I think these shots are just adorable!!

  15. Heart breakers - total heart breakers!

  16. You will get many years with this tradition and hopefully no more injuries will come with it. lol

    They looked like they were having fun!


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