Saturday, December 17, 2011


As a child, waiting for Christmas or birthdays or any type of special occasion to arrive, was torture. The old adage of patience being a virtue, was most definitely lost on me. I'd actually forgotten just how restless I became around these times, until today. My highly spirited, ultra excitable and incredibly eager first born, displayed some alarmingly similar traits, to those of his Mama's at the same age. At the best of times, he is keen to be up and at em from the moment he wakes. Enquiring on the day's events, before they have begun. "Where are we going today Mama?", always the most likely first words uttered.

Today, we had a 4th birthday party for one of his little mates. Isaac and Angus have known each other since 6 months of age, though this year has seen their friendship flourish the greatest. They are gorgeous to watch together. Like a couple of peas in a pod. So needless to say the 2.30pm start time, left a number of hours wide open for detailed questioning and continuous whinging and frustrated complaining and then questioning some more. Angus so keen to get to the party, he attempted to change the sequential order of time, to make that party arrive sooner. And it came and went and he was as happy as a piggy in mud, with his afternoon in the sunshine, running and playing and shaking off the impatience of youth.


  1. Great photos! I know what it's like to have excitable, impatient boys around...sometimes it's best not to tell them where we are going until it's time to go! They drive me crazy asking when it's time to go :)

  2. He does look so happy :)

    I thought I was the only one to eat my cake that way! lol

    Your Boys are precious as always


  3. How good is that park? We take the girls riding there.
    I know all about that impatience. Goosey has been saying for the past week: 'It's taking sooooo long for Santa to get here!' And we still have another week of that!

  4. I can relate to the anticipation and excitement - aka impatience.
    Really relate!

    These litle mirrors of ourselves bear such likeness at times, it's scary!

    Gorgeous pics of those sweet little faces.

  5. Love these photos our little ones are just the same...can we go now is what we hear often. something about kids birthday parties make us smile. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. It sure is countdown time now so excited :)

    Always Wendy

  6. Watching their friendship blossom at this age is just so precious. We are a house of excitable, impatient kiddo's too :)

    We made your gingerbread last week...big hit!!

  7. Nothing like a day with buddies to get the little lads excited. Thankfully my son tends to forget when parties are so I just remind him on the day! But yes, he still thinks the more he asks the quicker it will come 'round.

    Gorgeous photos Julie, that sky!!

  8. What a cool cake that is! And it looks like the had a fabulous time. Mine are the same, they start asking from the minute they wake up - Is it time yet? lol
    Can't wait to meet you in real life on Tuesday lovely :) Yayyy xx

  9. Look at that endless blue sky! So stunning. We have the exact same picnic blanket as the one in the photo. Kellie xx

  10. A beautiful friendship indeed. Love the pic of them all running down the hill. Gorgeous!


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