Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Philadelphia Freedom & Giveaway

There are moments in life when I have to pinch myself, real hard. Because at times, I wouldn't believe the experience before me, without a short sharp shock to the senses. Today, standing in Louise Fulton Keats' lounge room, I felt so privileged for the wonderful opportunity I was participating in. Louise is the granddaughter of cookbook legend (and one of my cooking idols) Margaret Fulton. Louise, a talented cook and author of the beautiful children's book 'My Grandma's Kitchen', opened her home to myself, my boys and a collection of other lucky bloggers. Then, went on to share some absolutely divine recipes, using one of my baking favourites, Philadelphia cream cheese. Oh, this invite had my name written all over it.

Louise's passion for good food and healthy options when it comes to preparing snacks and meals for children, is so very evident in the recipes she shared with us. All amazingly simple, yet exceptionally tasty and filled with the kind of ingredients we can happily gobble more of... without the guilt. Sonia from Love, Life & Hiccups offered up two of her gorgeous boys as assistants in the preparation of carrot cupcakes, which was a treat to watch. In fact, the whole morning was a treat for the kidlets, who were welcomed with open arms and made to feel so at home the entire time we were there.

My personal highlights for the day though, firstly, meeting the incredible Margaret Fulton herself. My, I was just a wee bit in awe of this lovely lady. We even shared a hug and a couple of photos that I will treasure forever. With Louise, her Mum and her grandma present, it felt quite the family affair. Secondly, tasting a piece of Margaret's mouthwatering Bistro Cheesecake, also created a lifelong memory for me. So spectacular, it needs to be seen and tried to be believed. And finally, meeting a special group of friendly, funny, inspiring women. Such an enriching morning to be a part of and I am ever so grateful to Louise and Kraft Philadelphia for the invitation and making it all possible.

But the most exciting part I've left to the end. I have five Philadelphia prize packs to offer five of my delightful followers. Each contains a copy of 'Simply Heaven Volume 2... another 75 reasons to use PhiladelphiaAND a $7.00 Woolworths gift card... which just so happens to be enough for two philly products.

To win one of the five packs:
  • Please leave a comment on this post sharing your favourite recipe/use for Philly cream cheese or related Philadelphia products
  • The five best will be chosen by yours truly to win a pack
  • Offer available to new and old followers
  • Only Australian residents may enter... apologies to my overseas contingent
  • Winners will be drawn and announced on Friday 30th December

I also took home some Philadelphia goodies; 'Simply Heaven Vol 2... another 75 reasons to use Philadelphia' AND a signed personalised copy of 'My Grandma's Kitchen' by Louise Fulton Keats, for my boys. I cannot. wait. to sink my teeth into some of those delightful recipes from both books and no doubt share them right here. Thank you Louise, Peta, Margaret and everyone involved with today.


  1. Oh Julie how exciting that must have been, Margaret Fulton living legend!! I like to use the Philly cheese mixed with some sour cream, pine nuts, shallots and spinach and pop it into a hollowed out cob loaf...warm it up, tear away and eat...yum

  2. How exciting! I think I would feel a little star stuck if I had the opportunity to meet the great MF!

    Combine 80g of philly and a packet of tim tams in a food processor until combined in a gooy ball and then roll into small balls (about a tbls or 25g ) and dip in chocolate or roll in cocoa for lovely chocolate Philly truffles.

  3. No Way! That is just too exciting for words :)

    My all time favourite recipe for cream cheese is good old cheese cake. It's pretty boring really as far as recipes go but I tell you it was remarkable enough to make it as a dessert in my Dad's restaurant :)

    The kids favourite is to mix cream cheese with oreo's to make truffles.


  4. What a brilliant day.
    And that cheesecake - yummmm.

  5. Wow - looks like you had a wonderful time Julie. I can even begin to imagine how yummy the food was. Three things pop into my mind when I think cream cheese. Baked cheesecake (Oh divine), carrot cake Icing and my grandpa's fresh tomato, bacon and cream cheese toasted sandwiches. To yummy for words - but that might also be because of how much they remind me of him.

  6. WOW! I am jealous! What a great experience lady - well done x

  7. Oh my goodness Jealous.com. Whats a sensational experience you lucky thing. Delighted you enjoyed it and made the most of such a wonderful experience.
    Min x
    PS my favorite use for Philly is lime cream cheese icing on carrot cake. 200g of block Philly, squeeze of lime and 1 cup of icing sugar. Whisk Philly till fluffy then gradually add icing sugar till smooth and then the lime juice. Simple yet so effective xxx

  8. Oh Philly, yummy! What an amazing experience. I live Philly done savoury, dips and scrolls. Drool! Xx

  9. Oh J!!! I have a big case of the green eyed monster - I LOVE Margaret, I love pulling out Mum's old recipe books of hers with Margaret on the front looking glamorous (the total opposite of me in the kitchen).
    Now for the Philly - 3 favourites
    - Cookies and Cream Slice - Choc biscuit base then oreo biscuits chopped up and mixed with philly, white chocolate and gelatine, drizzled on top with dark chocolate.
    - Toblerone Cheesecake - Choc biscuit base, philly cream cheese, melted toblerone bars for cheesecake filling.
    - A block of Philly and over the top pour, finely chopped avocado, finely chopped red onion and sweet chilli sauce all mixed together, eat with corn chips - delicious summer afternoon snack with a cold glass of wine!

  10. Oh my goodness me!!!!!
    You lucky lucky lucky lady.
    This is AWESOME!
    Love your photos...as always, but these are really special.

    How do I love to use Philly cream cheese?
    Cheesecake, cheesecake and more cheesecake.
    Any way, any how, any flavour.

    Did I say I LOVE cheesecake??

  11. Cheesecake AND Margaret - bit greedy really, but in the best way possible!

  12. Wow!! that must have been so exciting!! what a gorgeous day! would love to be in your giveaway! My favourite philly recipe is just plain old philly on a plate which i had sweet chilly sauce to.. Its really simple but quick and easy and tasty which i love!!
    Laura xx

  13. Oh Julie, no wonder you were star-struck! What a gorgeous photo of the two of you as well. My favourite use is in Black Forest Cheesecake, using a WW recipe - scrumptious! J x

  14. Haven't got around to writing my post yet, but it WAS a great morning! My first blogging/PR event so very exciting. Couldn't believe I was meeting not only the Fultons but also you and the other lovely bloggers!

  15. Philadelphia..! So many choices! My favorite at this point in time, being Christmas and all, would be the Christmas cheesecake I've just made - picture here http://pinterest.com/pin/69735494199687772/ .

    I can't wait to eat it all! Heehee.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  16. Wow - Julie, lucky you!!!! I'm sure you'll remember the day for a long time! I love Philly cream cheese. It is a staple in our fridge, just as it was when I was growing up. Goose takes the small tubs to school with carrot & celery sticks and use it for more things than I can write in a blog comment, but my favorite for a while has been mini baked cheesecakes.... http://froggooseandbear.blogspot.com/2011/09/easy-peasy-mini-cheesecakes.html.


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