Saturday, December 17, 2011


In years gone by, my Christmas shopping list would be a mile long. 6 brothers, 5 sister-in-laws, 16 nieces and nephews, Mama and Dad, plus my friends. Gifts for all of them. Methodical planning and careful selection for each one. But that was back in the day, before I had children, when I was able to buy for everyone and take my sweet time in doing it. These days, my approach to the madness that is, shopping during the festive season, is a tad more unorthodox. 

This year, for the first time, I made no lists. No referencing, no cross checking, no preconceived ideas of what to buy and who to buy it for. Just a number of random purchases, over a handful of trips to the shops. This approach could well catch me out yet. No doubt I have doubled up on pressies for certain people or purchased too many girly style gifts and failed to cater sufficiently for the males (or vice versa) or forgotten someone entirely(?) Of course, this only adds to the energy and excitement of the season. And seeing those bags brimming with treasures, ready to be wrapped... I think I am finally getting EXCITED

Browsing, testing, finding and choosing. It's been so much fun selecting bits and pieces from here, there and everywhere (along with the odd present for myself). And the last two days I've shared the experience with my lovely assistant reindeer Felix. While Angus was busily creating and constructing a festive array of pictures, decorations and keepsakes at preschool, we were busily taking on the crowds, in the hope that by next week, we won't need to set a foot amongst the last minute chaos.


  1. That's one super cute reindeer.
    Happy wrapping!!
    (Really? No lists???!!)

  2. I never make a list, I stroll in, grab a handful of stuff and stroll out. And then on Christmas eve I race in, grab a bigger handful of stuff and race out. I do sometimes wind up with a leftover gift, but I just save it for later.

    My kinda Christmas. :)

  3. So brave! Shopping without a list! Not sure i could cope with that at all. I have a list, a spend amount and thoroughly researched ideas before I venture out (however, I do always manage to squeeze in a shopping bonus or two for myself!)! So glad my shopping is all done and hidden and sent to the appropriate states too although I still have to venture to the shops every day for work next week - think of me trying to find a parking spot and then working till 10 and midnight for those unorganised mad rush type shoppers!!!!

    Merry Christmas Julz! You have a gorgeous brown eyed boy there!

  4. I still have a bit of shopping to do, I keep bringing home gifts for myself, so bad. Enjoy your weekend.x

  5. Now that sounds like more like my kind of Christmas! Or maybe mine is somewhere more in between. I'm a big list person. I've just found myself busy doing all of the gifts, ie for teachers, friends, and christmas party cooking, etc. to completely finish the stuff for actual Christmas day. That's not until next weekend! I have a whole week before then!! It all works itself out in the end doesn't it!

  6. YOur a dare devil!! I look over my lists everyday double checking, keep thinking I have forgotten something - glad I am not the only one that buys themselves a few pressies here and there!x

  7. I love the frentic shopping of getting presents. I need the list of people becuz I dare not forget anyone or there will be hell to pay (favoritism) will not be tolerated. Children even adult children are ridiculous. lol

    I also wait to the last minute. Crazy, right?

    I love wrapping presents while watching "The Christmas Story". That means i do it on Christmas Eve. Glutton for punishment :)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday season :)


    PS your reindeer helper is adorable!

  8. Felix looks so cut in his reindeer ears! Good luck with the wrapping!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  9. Im sure all will have perfect gifts...just finished my wrapping whilst Little Bit is with her Dad for a few hours...time to enjoy now :)

  10. Good on you! I finished up all my shopping last night, did a sneaky trip on my own once the kids had gone to bed to pick up all the things i had forgotten! I am really hoping that i dont have to go back next week either!
    love you're little helper! xx

  11. There's that beautiful face too cute. You are too good!! I still have a few to buy for hope to be finished by Wednesday then start cooking on Friday just can't wait everyday now I'm feeling the buzz. Enjoy your day my friend, I do every time I visit you.

    Always Wendy

  12. With such an adorbale little helper like that - you could not go wrong. :) xx


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