Monday, December 26, 2011

Wrap up

There goes Christmas, for another year... and I can finally breathe again. For now. We were graced with a long awaited glorious Summer's day, in the form of blue, sun shiny skies. Perfect timing. For the first time, Angus truly absorbed the magic of the day and his excitement was infectious. Shrieks of delight, squeals of joy and declarations of gratitude. Each new gift unwrapped, instantly proclaimed the favourite. Felix, a little less affected by the merriment, remained content to take a back seat and let his big bro lead the way. Being the babies of both families, the boys were a huge hit with their aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents. Everyone keen to soak up some of their youthful wonder and enthusiasm.

Though one thing that continues to concern me with Christmas (and it seems to become more and more absurd each year), are the multitude of toys received. The sheer volume of brand spanking new, whizz-bang toys that now reside in our home does make me feel slightly uneasy. I do get it, because I love nothing more than buying things for all the little people in our lives also. And I do remember having oodles of toys and nik naks myself, as a child. Thankfully, we are modest gift buyer's and don't go overboard by any stretch ourselves. Because judging by the lack of floor and storage space at our place, post Christmas, we may not physically fit in, if not so prudent. 


  1. How gorgeous it must have been to watch your two boys get festive (and spoiled) together.
    :-) x

  2. I have that same thought myself. I try to be a little practical with some of the pressies for just that reason. But still we have a floor full of new toys too!

  3. Just divine photos, Julie - you have such a knack of capturing their special moments. I totally *get* your concern, on a number of levels.

    Until we moved here, space was a paramount concern for us as well. But we've always tried to choose classic (and preferably wooden) toys as well as ones that encourage activity. We've avoided the branded toys as much as possible - it's a fine line to walk, isn't it? The problem is that other present givers have different views so we can only control what we give.

    All that said, this year the pixies have delighted in the presents which we've made - Mr PB has just spent a few hours making a dolls-house our of cardboard boxes and lining it with my scrapbooking paper. They are transfixed! And he's covered in glue...J x

  4. Lovely J just Lovely. Your boys are just gorgeous.

    We had a clean out before Christmas, the Muddy Girls each picked 3 things to give away to kids less fortunate in preparation of Santa coming. Helped to make space at the same time as teaching them about giving to others.

  5. An abundance of toys or not, how adorable are their little faces as they check out their loot!? Gorgeous capture Jules. xo

  6. Looks perfect! I must say I am VERY happy that the girls didn't get all that much "stuff" this year. One big thing each from Santa and a combined thing from Rob and I and fortunately just books and or colouring in stuff from everyone else. I'm happy not to have to do a big rearrange of toys to get the new stuff in.

    Fingers crossed for plenty more sunshine in the next few days. Somehow I think La Nina has other plans...

  7. I have been thinking the same thing myself, too many toys! So glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas though and i know just what you mean about the 'youthful wonder and enthusiasm' of the little people, isn't it the best!
    xx jody


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