Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wonder

Exhausted, weary, fatigued, sleepy-heads. All four of us. The tell tale signs of a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. These beautiful times, of seeing our boys sharing in celebrations, creating special memories, having the time of their lives. With their friends... the children of our friends. Few things else make me happier. The love and fondness I have for these children, so strong and real. It's an honour to be a part of their precious lives and milestones, as each year flashes by before our eyes.

Saturday, we attended a 4th birthday party, for the son of a friend I've known for fifteen years. A gorgeous family, who honestly feel like an extension of my own. Such joy and comfort in friendships such as these. I know that whatever happens over time, these bonds will be tight. Angus and Felix had an incredible day, at the Star Wars themed party. Sweaty brows and hair plastered to hot foreheads. So much excitement and wonder and enjoyment... especially when the birthday boy's Dad showed up by surprise, dressed in character as a baddie from the epic movie. A few of the kidlets fooled by the scary mask and getup as they ran shrieking and squealing around the backyard.

Saturday night, a friend and I hit the city, for a dinner to celebrate the season, at the exquisite Baia on Cockle Bay Wharf. Great food and lovely company, complete with a spectacular fireworks display. We liked to imagine it was organised just for us, but more than likely it was something to do with Christmas festivities. Either way, the scene was a sight to behold over a scrumptious meal. Then another brilliant day today, lunch and laughs with one of the nicest families we know (Hi Jen!). Get together's with this crew are always just plain tops. Watching our four adorable children so convivial and at ease with each other, warmed my heart. This entire weekend, warmed my heart. 

(All pics taken by my uber talented photographer friend Kell... 
because my dodgy 'fill in' camera just isn't cutting it for quality photos in comparison)


  1. There's something so special about that comfort level with long time friends isn't there?
    And seeing your children make mischief and memories together is just the icing on the cake.
    How great was that cake, by the way?!
    Beautiful pics - and a brilliant weekend by the sound of it.
    Rest up.

  2. Well that was certainly what I would call a perfect weekend enjoyed with dear friends and family...the kids looked like they had a ball ! Been wanting to try that Baia you have me keen to go!

    Wishing you a week that warms your heart as much as your weekend did lovely ; )

    Anna x

  3. See, this is what this time of the year is all about! Such a happy lil post..hope you have a great week and sending some sunshine your way :)x

  4. looks like a wonderful weekend with friends and little giggles everywhere.
    love those big brown eyes, such gorgeous pics ♥

    happy week to you Julie ♥

  5. Friends and family are what is most important in this world.
    Having pictures to remind you of these moments are priceless :)

    Keep clicking and keep enjoying :)


  6. sounds like lots of fun lovely!! xx

  7. Love that party. It looks like so much fun.
    And the red jeans - hot!!

  8. Love those memory makin weekends!!

  9. Thos long term friends are just so special - you have history that bonds you.
    The kids look like they had an absolute ball. Star Wars - and alltime fave! :)
    Sounds like you had a bisy but absolutely Wonderful Weekend on all accounts and gorgeous photos as memories.
    Thanks for linking up lovely - it worked! :) xx

  10. The party looks like it was a massive hit with the kids. I love the second shot of the boys running from the Darth Maul and the princess (Leia?) just watching on calmly.

  11. What is the scary looking guy in black doing to those precious cherubs? My kids would not have coped!!! You look awesome in your red jeans with your Mandrake accessory x

  12. What a great weekend the best of both worlds family and friends watching their children having fun, then some special time for just you. You have captured some beautiful moments with those photos my friend love them all. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy


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